Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Masato Takasaka

Melbourne based artist Masato Takasaka will have work in a group show called 'De Architectura II' which opens next week. I have been a fan of his amazing work for a long time! If you are around MARS Gallery in Port Melbourne, be sure to check it out!

Or if, like me, you are stuck in Sydney, you can find out more about Masato here, here, or watch this video.


  1. sorry, so many comments:) but thankyou ebony for the tip off - i would love to go and see this.

  2. いねこれ!
    Don't be silly I LOVE your comments! I live for blog comments! Without them I might even stop doing Hello Sandwich! Its so nice to know someone is out there looking! so arigatou lovely!
    Oh yes - can you please go and have fun looking at Masato's work on my behalf! Iina~!