Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Paperheart is a lovely collection Jessica Williams' drawings and photographs all packaged up neatly into one super slick looking website. Jessica also has a flickr photostream called Superclever's Photostream. Have a little peek and I'm sure you will agree that she is indeed one super clever cookie.


  1. omigod. Ebony your blog is so great already :) Everything you love, I love too! I love all the pictures... so gorgeous! I want more photos of your home though...! I am curious after the gorgeous photo about painted easter eggs! Did you paint all those easter eggs? Aggh too many questions. Lucy xxxx

  2. Ow little lucy how cute are you?!!! :) your message has made me so happy! Its so exciting that we love the same things! I knew it when I saw all your beautiful Japanese inspired posts about beautiful Japanese books!

    ha ha yes that one photo of my apartment was a little revealing wasn't it! But I liked the way the dress matched the setting! ha ha one day I will show some more photo's of my apartment, but one gets a little shy when working with such amazing interiors at VL!

    Oh my family and I painted those eggs last easter. They are sweet aren't they!

    I have been smiling non stop ever since I noticed you have linked Hello Sandwich on your blog! I feel so honoured! Arigatou! xxx

    Can't wait to meet in real life! It will be so fun!!!! Hopefully when I come down to see my tram stop (exciting!!!!) at the State of Design Festival!

    Love love
    Hello Sandwich