Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Small Object

The Small Object is the magical world where you can find selection of super sweet rubber stamps and stationery items designed by the lovely Sarah Neuburger.

Sarah says about her designs: 'Artwork and objects that can make something mundane even more wonderful. Like rocks falling out of paintings, anything is possible. Tiny, small things are possible that can make big, giant things happen. Little folks sleeping in our floorboards and mice wearing tuxedos. It can happen. I am most certain'.

Doesn't she sound divine! Be sure to visit Steno Pad (aka Sarah's blog) for inspirational craft project tips.

Wouldn't this Triangle garland look cute in your home?

Oh and how sweet would this fabric chain garland be for Christmas and Birthday celebrations!?

Imagine if you made these picks for your bento! Kawaii!


  1. Bentoes with cupcakes would be lovely! Can sushi vendors in Australia please expand their seaweed-and-sashimi range a little and sell us some sweets!? x

  2. Oh Lee Tran yes please!!! But also - wouldn't these little picks look cute with 1/2 a cherry tomato, a cube of cheese, and a small slice of ham rolled up! A mini snack topped with a pink heart! CUTE! I think we have to get onto the bento vendors!