Sunday, March 22, 2009

Stationery love

I am in love with Korean graphic designers O-check (above) who have an online stationery store called And Spring. How sweet are these little love themed stamps! O-check is stocked in Australia through the lovely people at Telegram.

At the Life in Style fair recently I saw the new collections by  Me and Amber, Lox+Savvy and Specklefarm. Just lovely!

A few of my International stationery favourites are Linda and Harriett, Good On Paper and Present & Correct.

Oh! and no stationery list is complete without Emma Japan's favourite Carrot & Stick press.

If you are still in the mood for more stationery, check out Love Jenna . Or if letterpress is more your thing (oww I love letterpress!) have a look at Moontree Letterpress or Swayspace or Wilkintie or Studio On Fire.

Also sweet is this selection of stationery from Tas-ka who I wrote about here.

Isn't it nice to receive a handwritten note sometimes!


  1. We love O-Check too. I've already gone on a sticky-tape buying binge! May need to check in to O-Check Anonymous soon.

  2. Ow Inside Out I love you! Thank you for adding Hello Sandwich to your links! And on the sticky-tape front...if your addiction is serious - please don't go to Japan! (eek I will have to post a link to my Japanese sticky-tapes soon!)
    Love love
    Hello Sandwich

  3. hello sandwich, thank you for the special inclusion, such a lovely and much wonderful array of superb stationery products, i too love o-check, in particular their writing paper + brown string products are just fab!!

    love your blog!... i think my next trip will be to Japan, they have a perfect array of different products and paper that a friend bought back for me from apparently one of the biggest stationery stores in the world, could you imagine if i was to go there?? i would never leave!

    enjoy your day! xx