Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I am in love with these super cute knits made my Yokoo. I am not quite sure how she finds the time to knit all of these pretty little things while posting daily to her Flickr Photostream but I guess the chunky knit helps. She sounds fun, off-beat and as uber-cool as she looks in her Etsy Featured Seller Interview and if still you want more, click here for a somewhat endless list of other blogs she has appeared on.

Love her hair. Love her logo. Love her.

I'm off now to add one of her pieces to my wish list...but in colours with names as cute as 'Sweet Pea Green' and 'Pumpkin' it's hard to pick just one. Sigh.


  1. hello, "hellosandwich"!
    I agree what a coincidence...great minds do think alike!!! It took me a little while to work out your alias, but I got it! hola ebo-chan!!!
    I have to apologise, I have been a super bad friend. I have been bogged down with souzou and weaving, and haven't been replying to friends lovely emails...I am super sorry...
    p.s. they are beautiful knits...I thought it was you modelling?!
    p.p.s.I will see you on friday? what time will you be at the gallery???

  2. ゆみーちゃん!ひさしぶりです!元気?