Wednesday, April 8, 2009


One of these days I am going to have some free time. I just know it! I'm going to do some gardening, read my new Murakami novel, get out my Holbein gouache and make some paintings and colour code my winter wardrobe. I may even get prepared and pre-make this Christmas' bonbons rather than send myself into the usual panic come December 24.

Or do you know what I might do? I might make myself a nice Earl Grey tea, crack open the Iced Vovo's, and set myself up for a craft day with the lovely Pip Lincolne's new book Meet Me at Mikes. With 26 craft projects - all of which are more Cool-Melbourne-Craft-Chic than Nana-Craft (though I must admit, I am rather prone to a crochet coat hanger myself) this is one book you won't want to miss out on!

The amazing Pip has this to say about her new book:

The book is chock full of beautiful photos, projects and how-tos on all the basic things like sewing, knitting, crochet and embroidery. The projects range from simple screen printing, to making a mobile from paper ephemera, to clothing for crafty girls and babies, to making cute soft toys. There are things for the playroom, kitchen, living room and bedroom too! There are great gifty things to make for your Mum or your best friend (could be handy with Mother's Day looming?!)

Most projects are for beginners - but there are a couple of trickier things to keep the clever crafters happy too - and even if you've never made things before, this book will show you how. Instructions are fun and friendly - and all terms and techniques are shown clearly - assuming you are a complete beginner, so don't be scared!

Maybe it's time you made your Nanna proud and got into a bit of Contemporary Craft?! (Because it's really just a new-fangled version of her old-fashioned techniques!) Have fun making stuff!

You can buy the book at all good bookstores - or online here and here.

P.S. While you are waiting for your book to arrive check out Pip's blog! Or get involved in her Words and Pictures blog links. You could also join Pip's Brown Owls craft club. But better still, why don't you knit a Nana-Style Square blanket following these instructions.




  1. Craftastic indeed! Hello... sandwich •ิ.•ั

    It is wonderful & exciting to meet you! And to let you in on a little secret Miss Pip from Mikes sent me an email this week: Subject Heading - Cute and Warm! (like you!) - - Hurrah!

    Thank you for all your lovely comments today, it t'was a Good Friday indeed. I linked to you today in my blog post.

    Happy Easter •ิ.•ั

  2. I must get my hands on this book pronto! It looks wonderful. :D
    Hope you're having a happy Easter!

  3. hello there miss Sandwich, nice to meet you! yes you're right, Pip is just amazing:-), i bought the book too and i can't wait to get cracking!

  4. Ow Three Buttons! Your message made my day! How gorgeous! Oh I hope I didn't clog your comments inbox as I really left so many! but I couldn't help myself! There was just so much amazing stuff on your blog! Thank you so much for your lovely post! I am going to post about your blog to! Happy Easter to you too lovely!


    Windy Days! Hello! I hope you are having a lovely Easter too! Isn't the book amazing! my copy has not yet arrived but I bought my sweet friend Zoe one for her birthday today! Happy long weekend! xxx

    Earl and cookie! Hello! Thanks so much for your message! Your work is amazing!!! I am so happy to have met you (at least on blogs!) If we lived in the same city we could have 'Meet me at Mikes' craft days together! Hope you have a lovely Easter sweet girl.

    Love love
    Hello Sandwich