Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ponyo on the Cliff

Ponyo on the Cliff is coming to Sydney this weekend! yay!

I can't wait to see Hayao Miyazaki's Ponyo on the Cliff! Read more about it here and here!


  1. ponyo trailer has been on high rotation at our house... we cant wait either!

  2. I'm off to see it again! I saw it in Japanese, but I lost alot in translation. It will be good to have subtitles! SO cute!

  3. It is a visual delight! My 13 yo and I loved it this past weekend.

  4. Have been singing the theme song incessantly! Hurrah! (I think Newtown is one of the only cinemas to screen in nihongo - I couldn't bear seeing the one with the American voices - they'd take me out of it, I think!) xx

  5. Can't wait to see this (with the subtitles but of course)! Looks ultra cute. ^__^

  6. I'm very excited. I actually want to hear Tina Fey do one of the voices!
    Amazing that Miyazaki is still going when supposedly he was going to retire before Spirited Away.
    Lee Tran

  7. you're going to melt in your seat :-D

  8. Oooh, this post got the theme song playing non-stop in my head again :)

  9. You know when you are tired and bored, and suddenly you find something that finally makes your day...or at least your morning...That´s you & your blog!

    It is amazing!

    I will follow it up from now on.

    Best regards from Spain.

  10. I already saw the film twice, it's the cutest EVER made :)

  11. your blog is so delightful. really. everything you post is fantastic :)

  12. Hello Beci! Oh hehe! Its one catchy song hey!

    Hello Mads! How are you love?~! Oh I ended up seeing it in Japanese only too! Missed a lot myself due to my terrible Nihon-go! Will def have to re-watch! xxx

    Hello Lisa K! Oh yay I am so happy you saw it! xxx

    Hello Kate! haha! its so cute isn't it! I am with you - the American voices would kill off the atmosphere! xxx

    Hello Penelope! I loved your little smiley face! so cute! Thank you for your comment! xxx

    Hello Inside Out LTL! Its a good thing he kept making animations! xxx

    Hello Make it Easy-san! haha have you seen it too?~!xxx

    Hello Cookie Cutter! haha! Sorry ~! haha! its too cute though and maked you so happy! xxx

    Hello Coleccionando Estrellas - what a lovely comment! You made my day!!! That was so sweet of you! I hope you can continue to enjoy Hello Sandwich in the future too!

    Hello ♥ p.s. your heart is so cute! Thank you for your comment! wow you have seen it twice already! Thats dedication!

    Handmade romance lovely how are you? xxx

    Setyourselfonfire, that was so sweet of you to say! Thank yoU! xxx

    Love Love
    Hello Sandwich