Thursday, September 3, 2009

Paul Barbera + Where They Create

Ever wanted to spy inside the studio spaces occupied by creative types such as IJM? Well special thanks to Lucy at The Design Files for letting us in on Australian photographer Paul Barbera's new website Where They Create. In fact, one of the spaces was photographed for the magazine I work for. Do pop on over for a look. 

Paul, can you please take some spy photo's in the studio of my favourite Japanese artist Hiroshi Sugito? I have the biggest of crushes on him! 

All images special thanks to Paul Barbera.


  1. oooh, i love the new HS sign. pretty rainbow!

  2. yes, the the new hello sandwich is so pretty! and the studio photos are so great, i i hope you get your wish to see inside hiroshi sugito's space!

  3. I love the new coloured header! and the tones of those cushions together are lovely.

  4. All these places are fantastic, very inspiring.
    i peeped into my japanese artbook, but there was no photo of sugito's atelier:(, love his work too

  5. Amazing space!

    I wish I had a studio that had such much space!

  6. pure beauty!
    kindest wishes
    p.s your blog is a treat!!!