Thursday, October 29, 2009

Multicoloured Manicure - I'm Mod About You

Oh Lovely holidays! When you might just find yourself with enough time to paint your nails!

I stocked up on some glitter-meets-floral style false nails in Sungei Wang Shopping Centre in KL today. Tacky? Perhaps, but I couldn't resist! I tend to do silly things like this when I'm on holidays. Eeep! I won't even go into the three glitter eyeliners I bought!

Pretty glitter manicures can only be rivaled by multicoloured manicures don't you think? But be sure to include my ichi-ban favourite OPI colour 'Mod About You'- a pretty barbie doll pink.

Above image from little miss Lovelorn unicorn who loves OPI too!

Above images from this lovely little nail polish post on Little Lost Love blog.

Above image from this sweet multicoloured manicure post.

Don't have time to paint your own nails? Pop in to Sexy Nails (Surry Hills, Sydney). The name says it all. Or for a Japanese manicure stop by Koko nails (Wynyard, Sydney).


  1. Yaysies for pretty nails! I can't wait for the new opi Matt range to come to Australia, I have been checking eBay with no luck as yet ( I think it was the images I saw of Karen O wearing it that convinced me I had to have it!)

    yes, I have read the running book and most of his other work, I love his style.

    Hope you are having a fantastic holiday, you lucky thing!

    Xx Hollie

  2. Sweet! It would brighten up my day today, I think I will go for it!

  3. i went to the store with my sister last night, and she was picking out nail polish and i had a fun time reading all the different types of names for all the different colours! they come up with some cool names for them! its like naming ice cream flavours!!

  4. Hello Hollie!
    Oh yes the Matt range is great! My friend got the black one at Sexy Nails the other day! So cute!
    Oh of course you have already read Murakami! He is great isn't he. Have you read Banana Yoshimoto too?


    Hello Fine Little Day! haha! Yes I am a bit silly aren't I! But when I am surrounded with super cute Asian girls I have to do little things that make me feel like I fit in! haha!

    Hello Jenny at Dos! Oh yes you have to try it! So cute!

    Hello Make it Easy-san! How are you dear? ha ha it's so true! the names are so cute! I like the new OPI French range! the names are so cute!

    Love Love
    Hello Sandwich

  5. this week i went to a new nail art shop in east london called Wah nails with two of my girlfriends. i've now got paisley covered painted nails. sooo pretty and fun! i'm addicted and will be going back again soon. x x