Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Odango Hair

Oh how I love to do my hair in 'Odango' style of late! Which means that my hair is in a bun or dumpling! How sweet!


  1. Loving the bun high atop, especially when it spun of another color, like orange or lavender or blue.

  2. hahaha bun or dumpling hair, so cute. i wish i can do this to my hair, which i tried before, but it just simply doesn't suit me i looked ridiculous :(

  3. I've always wondered how to do up one's hair like that? Any tips?

    I still can't get over the fact that u r gonna be so near yet so far next week!

  4. cute! i've been growing my hair so I can do this style! although i call it pineapple hair, my boyfriend things I'm nuts.

  5. cute hairstyle! I'm growing my hair out to achieve that look :)

  6. i wish i had long hair so i could wear mine like that!

  7. Wish I had hair enough to do this - looks mega cute!!

  8. Hi Terri Rees Wang! Oh yes so cute! I am not sure i have seen a coloured bun!

    Hi Laura! ha ha! i bet you don't look 'ridiculous!' you would look so cute!!! takes a bit of getting used to! I had to ease into it by wearing a pony tail for a while!

    Hi Cookie Cutter! haha my hair is so short ( not so much longer than the pic of me in the animated gif) so i used a cheats way of looping the hair through the elastic about half way and then pinning it forward. so if you look at my hair from the back you might spy the hair elastic! eeep!

    Hi Sonya! Pineapple hair sounds sooooooo cute! i love it!

    Hi Bohochick! How are you? oh you will have to send a pic soon!

    Melanie lovely little thing - your hair is even cuter how it is! I want your hair!

    Hello Penelope1 How are you? It looks so cute on the Japanese girls hey! I love! I wish i was Japanese! boo!

    Love Love
    Hello Sandwich

  9. haha i love that japanese bun on girls!!! ive even seen some cool japanese guys pull it off too! haha
    my japanese friend ALWAYS puts her hair up like that! in hawaii, we have this dumpling snack called Manapua, so we say Manapua hair here in hawaii. hahahah

  10. cool! that's how i wear my hair when i'm at home ... i knew i was a trendsetter ^^

    another question: isn't that the owner of "spank" in the picture before the last one? she used to have such beautiful green hair.

  11. I love this, i wear my hair like that all the times :)