Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Rosie Flo

Rosie Flo has just released some gorgeous new products to her website. I love the colouring poster and the colouring 'sticky' book which comes complete with 75 cute little stickers.

And my favourite...this sweet little Christmas House Colouring Poster.

Roz Streeten
- you are so clever!

Happy Colouring Sandwiches.

P.S. You can buy these in Australia from the lovely Allison at Lark.



  1. the babies on the 1st poster.....kewpie mitai!!

  2. gosh, these are so adorable. lovely illustrations.

  3. Hello Make it Easy-san! Kewpie Mitai ne!!!! Soooo kewpie! Which reminds me...I have run out and need to go to China town to get some more! Life is terrible without Kewpie! Hope you are well!

    Hello Katrina - so adorable aren't they! Thank you for your comment!

    Hello Lark! My absolute pleasure dear! I see you had a full page in Real Living! eeep! Congrats! Everyone seems to love that picture and I am not surprised! I am at press checks this week and so should have advanced copies next week and will post you one.

    Love Love
    Hello Sandwich