Thursday, November 5, 2009

+ Wondermilk

Want to know a super cute cafe in Kuala Lumpur? Where you can eat anything from sandwiches and crisps to coffee and homemade cupcakes?

Look no further than Petaling Jaya's Wondermilk cafe . (Thanks Superfuture for the heads up). I fell in love with this cafe on my holiday to Malaysia last week.

If you are ever in KL, I do suggest you make the short ($4AUD) taxi ride from KL Sentral to Petaling Jaya for a little visit. Go on, print out the below address for your friendly taxi driver just in case! You know you want to.


39 & 41 Jalan ss 21/1A
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling jaya
Selangor, Malaysia

9am to 10pm daily

They also have a cute shop selling stationery, toys, lomo cameras, clothing and (my favourite) a do-it-yourself-cupcake-kit with everything you need to recreate Wondermilk fresh cupcakes at home.

Did I mention they also have a blog?

AND, they have the best in-house illustrator ever who is the genius behind the gorgeous graphics you see above. What more could you want? Love. Love. Love!


P.S. More pics here.


  1. yeah those chalk illustrations are amazing!

  2. So you did check out the place! It looks really lovely! Quirky decor pieces, just the way I like it!

  3. oh my! this place looks awesome!!! i love every corner of it. they even sell cloths in there!? wish we had a place like this in tokyo!

  4. i go stupid for those little fabric flags! Big <3s!

  5. oh dear, oh dear.
    how could you do this to me!
    I am going to have to book my flights, just to go and see this place. it looks AMAZING!

    do they have an online shop?!?!!

    hehe gorgeous photos, amazing illustrations.

  6. wow! wish there's such thing in sydney!

  7. Hello Fine Little Day! Yes I think you would love it!

    Hello Michelle! Aren't they so cool!

    Hi Cookie Cutter! Hello! How are you dear? Yes, it was actually a bit tricky to find as we were coming from Sunway Lagoon! but well worth it! And very easy and close to get back to KL Sentral Station!

    Hello Hiki! Ha I kept saying to Mr Y that it was so cool and looked like something from Tokyo. I think you would love it! Yes they have some clothes too!

    Set yourself on fire hello! Oh haha that is so sweet of you to say!

    Sonya dear! How are you gorgeous thing? I know I am a sucker for bunting myself! We should make some together one day!

    Hello Art4friends. he he yes I think you would love it! I am not sure if they sell online, but you might be able to find out through their website.

    Hi Laura! Oh me too! Wouldn't that be just the best!

    Love Love
    Hello Sandwich

  8. Beautiful interior! I love the maze-like light globes. What a find Ebo! Bummer if you're lactose intolerant hey?


  9. Hi Elo-chan! The interior is great ne!
    Wish there was one in Sydney!

  10. hello ebony thanks for this wonderful write up on my cafe :)
    if i knew you were coming i'd take you on a personal tour of the whole place :) :) anyhow, thanks alot and glad you enjoyed your visit.

    i must say one of our sources of inspiration is vogue living when it comes to quirky design and simple beautiful ideas! my partners and i get it every month and we love it :) its an honour to have someone from vogue living find our cafe interesting :)

    thanks again :)


    p/s: hi aron :)

  11. I am a Malaysian and has been following your blog..I love everything about Japan n Korea n love bento boxes too..I dont know about this +Wonder Milk Cafe...I thought it's in Australia..until i read your post n found out it's actually not that far from my house!

  12. +wondermilk cupcake is yummy!!
    i like it very much

  13. oh.. i guess i could live there!
    it seems so cozy and warm

    i'm happy i've found your blog,
    lucky day!

    (hello from barcelona!:)

  14. Glad you found this in Malaysia! Come back again, lots of other little gems around here.

  15. god! i love wondermilk!wish there's one here! =)