Monday, December 21, 2009

Hello Sandwich Potato Stamping

A few nights ago my Aunty Nin and I had a lovely Potato Stamping Evening at Hello Sandwich Headquarters. What a great evening it was! Potato stamping is so much fun - instant, effective and the stamping creates such oh-so-lovely textures. The finished products (to be used as gift wrapping) were rolled up and given as teeny tiny tokens to team members in my office.

Speaking of gift wrapping, did you see my guest blog entry over at Do's Family? It was such an honour to be with such amazing creative company and share some gift wrapping tips.

Happy Holidays Sandwiches.

Love Love
Hello Sandwich


  1. This makes me remenise! When as a child we'd do potato stapping. I havent done it every since. ++ I really love your name "hello sandwich" it makes me giggle.


  2. hello ebony chan!
    i love the "sankaku" designs you did with the potato stamps, so cute. and your zine!?!?!? it looks super!!!!!!!!!!!!

    merii kurisumasu to you ;)

  3. This reminded me so much during my young school days when i had to do this craft work. I think it is such a fab idea to use the after effect as gift wrap! You guys sure have lots of fun and creativity!

    Have a great Christmas! x

  4. So ironic! My younger sisters and I were just talking about doing this today... I love me some potato stamps.

    I might sort of be in love with your blog, by the way. So happy I stumbled across it this morning...

  5. I've been thinking about doing this for some time now, but with fabric instead of paper. Have you tried that? Lovely blog, thanks for sharing!