Tuesday, January 26, 2010

7Meals, 7-11's Healthy Bento + Meal Plan

I am very excited about the new 7Meals available from Japan's 7-11 stores which I just read about over at Maki's blog. Think of it as the 'Lite n'easy' of Japan only much more appetising and convenient!

Maki says:
Japan’s 7-11s are not quite the same as the ones in the U.S. to say the least. One of the services they offer is takeaway or home delivery of pre-ordered meals, including bentos. They have a dedicated web site for this service, called 7meal (セブン・ミール) (in Japanese only.)

7-11 does have readymade and ready to buy bentos and other prepared foods for sale in their stores, but this is a bit different. Basically, you place an order via the web site, by phone or at your local 7-11 for a bento or other meal such as noodles (ramen, udon or soba) a day or so ahead. There is a different bento menu every day. You can order a single meal, or order ahead for a full 6 days, say for lunch every day. You can order for lunch or dinner delivery or pickup. Delivery is free.

The emphasis of the site is on healthy, balanced meals. Conbini bentos and other takeout meals have come under a lot of criticism for being unhealthy and fattening, and this is an obvious attempt to combat that. Their 7meals philosophy page states that they do not use any artificial colors or preservatives in their delivery meals, and that each meal is planned based on ‘strict nutritional guidelines’ and food safety considerations.

Check out the online PDF menu or the website (Japanese only) for more information.

I want to order one for delivery when I am over at Gracie's new Shimokita apartment next week! Calorie counting has never been so fun!

P.S. I mentioned to the lovely Bree that Mr Y and I were having onigiri for Australia Day lunch today and she just emailed to say she was inspired to make some herself. Luckily for us she has shared some pictures of her delicious onigiri along with a few recipes. おいしそう〜!


  1. oh how i wish wish wish we had 7-11s like the ones in japan! thanks so much for link and thanks for the 'strayla day onigiri inspiration:) i hope mr y had his meat pie, too;)

  2. PS: I just came home from dinner at this fusion Japanese restaurant. The food's so cheap and yummy! ( Think $6 for Squid Ink Pasta! ) and I went to Medi-ya ( A Japanese supermarket ) And it's like heaven in there! With all the lovely lovely packaging! You would love it there!

    Both the supermarket and restaurant : )

  3. wow, I had no idea 7/11 was so different in Japan. here it's just a convenience store, but it sounds like it has a lot more to offer in Japan. Interesting....

  4. Hello! Just blogspotting. Great Photos! Great blog! I bookmarkd it.

    Happy blogging!

  5. oh my gosh, i love!
    i remember eating all the time in the 7-11s in Japan for a quick cheap dinner! haha
    konbu onigiri is my favourite!

  6. oh my goodness! things change so fast in japan! your blog is lovely - i stumbled across it and am so glad. i grew up in tokyo, and your pictures and postings are so natsukashii. :)

    happy thursday, dear!

  7. I LOVE combini food and this is a perfect reason to have more of them! Man, 7-11 over here has lots to catch up on.