Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tokyo Snow

Hello Sandwiches!
ただいま!I'm home!
Tokyo was so much fun!
It even snowed a lot while I was there. I felt extremely lucky as I am told it rarely snows in Tokyo - perhaps once every two to three years. It started snowing one night when I was in Shimokita with my dearest friend Gracie. It went a little something like this:
[walking to Mois cafe]
HS: 'Dude! It's snowing!'
Gracie: 'It looks like snow but it's just rain'
HS: 'DUDE! It's snowing'
Gracie: 'OMG! It's snow! It's snowing!' Dude look at my umbrella! There's snow on my umbrella'. OMG I can't believe it's snowing in Tokyo! We are so lucky!'

Walking home that evening through the quiet residential area where Mr Y's family home is located I noticed a single track of footprints etched into the snow which seemed to turn around and walk back over itself. 'Strange', I thought. Why would someone walk over existing footprints? And then I noticed some sort of marking under each light-post. Looking a little closer I discovered these markings were in fact the letter 'e' marked with an arrow leading to Mr Y's family home! Mr Y had snuck out in the cold to leave a little message in the snow! So adorable!

Well Sandwiches, I have so many pics and places to share with you and will keep posting about Tokyo this week. Hope you are all super well!

Love Love
Hello (omote)Sando.


  1. Glad to hear you had a great trip. I'm looking forward to the rest of your pictures!

  2. welcome back sandwich! look forward to catching up. can't believe how much snow you got! x

  3. Fantastic to see the snow! I Visited Tokyo for the first time i January, with nice and cold winterweather and sunny everyday. Nice to see your pictures :) brings back memories.

  4. oookaaaaaeeeeeriiiiii! snow looks so beautiful and i love mr y's message! cannot wait to see all your pics and hear your stories!!!

  5. That is amazing! I would love to be there when it snows :)

  6. Oh that Famima one is a great shot!
    I'm sorry the weather wasn't too kind for you while you were here but the snow was so special wasn't it!
    It was truly delightful to hang out with you and I'm still daydreaming about our 24th-ku! :)
    Oh I heard it might snow again later today brrrrrr. I wish I were in Sydney right now in T-shirt and thongs!
    Tokyo and Famima and Jiyugaoka and hiki miss you! (and that bookstore!)

  7. お帰りなさい!ときょうのゆきはほんとうきれいい!ヘローサンドはラキーだた!
    i am so happy you got to go Japan! i cant wait to see the rest of your photos and hear many stories!!
    ahhhh im so happy i cant sop smiling for you !

  8. hi! I just discovered your blog through Tokyo Connection. You have a lovely blog! The last photo is cute ! Am looking forward to see more pictures of Tokyo :)

  9. Aww... that's so sweet of Mr Y. Hontoni...

  10. okaeri!! i CAN'T wait to see all your photos. the topiary in snow - ii na:) there will be no more snow in march i guess, so a little bit うらやましい、な:)

  11. D.A..Oh my god... is it really snowing!???

  12. amazing photos! This is one of the places I would love to visit one day!

  13. my mum was here at the same time as you.i was super excited for her when it was snowing.wasnt it beautiful.and this morning, again! its stopped now but all is kind of white.

  14. that is the loveliest thing ive seen in a long time!
    so jealous! my heart aches for japan so much

  15. Oh Tokyo snow looks so delicious, such great photos Ebony. And how, how cute is Mr Y's eeeee's and how clever of you to spot them. Can't wait to see more posts on Tokyo.

    I heard via twitter your feeling a little under the weather, I hope you're back to good health soon!

  16. Welcome back! Thank goodness we have twitter while you were away from blogging :) Wow, this is seriously alot of snow for tokyo! Looking forward to more pics! Ahhh...Family Mart :)

  17. Blue eyed night owl, thanks so much! I will keep posting pictures as fast as I can!

    Leesh, thank you for your special 'okaeri'!

    Elo-chan! I know the snow was so beautiful! But perhaps part of the reason I caught this cold...ahhh...

    Linda, yes it was so delightful! Oh you are lucky you had such nice weather. February is usually the coldest month but due to deadlines at my magazine I needed to travel at this time. I hope you bought lots in the January sales?

    Amy, arigatou! Oh yes Mr Y's msg was so cute wasn't it! I thought it was just the sweetest thing ever! Can't wait to see you too! When I am feeling a bit better lets get a tea again with Mads!

    Lola, oh thanks so much! You should go in February some time! eeeep!

    Hiki-chan! Hello. Oh no I loved the weather! It's just this cold I don't love so much! Oh I miss Tokyo and Famima and Jiyugaoka and Gakugeidaigaku and also that amazing bookstore! I can't stop looking through my arai-san book! SOOOOOO beautiful! I want to draw again! demo hima ga arimasen! zannen!

    Make It Easy!!!! Arigatou lovely! xxx It was so much fun! I wish that you could have been there too! You are so cute! xxx

    Sleepwalking in tokyo! hello! Oh thanks so much! That's so sweet of you to say! Us Japan lovers have to stick together right!

    Astrorainfall! Isn't it just! Mr Y is the best!

    Bree-chan!!!! Ow I am sure there will be such wonderful stuff there that you won't mind no snow! The trees will be changing colour and the weather getting warmer! so lovely! I wish I was going again with you!

    Gracie! you FB! OMG It's not snow...it looks like it...but it's not! (coming from the person who has only ever seen snow once as a child! haha!) xxx Miss you lots!

    At swim two birds - thanks so much! I will post more this week! Being sick has slowed me down a little! :(

    Decipertheday - thank you so much. You should plan a trip for sure! I know you will love it!

    Melindatrees, Oh how lovely for your mum too! I love your blog too! xxx

    Emma - oh you are cute! I think you need to plan a trip to Tokyo quick smart! xxx

    Angela sweetheart! Hello! Oh thanks so much! And thank you for your well wishes too! I used your lovely guide to Kichijoji! So lovely! here I was with your printed little map! haha! total gaijin alert! but it was great! xxx

    Cookie cutter! Oh yes it was easy to tweet without photoshop when I was away but I couldn't post any pics on Hello Sando! Thanks for your continued interest! So lovely of you! Ahhh Family Mart indeed! xxx

    Love Love
    Hello Sando