Monday, March 22, 2010


Another favourite suburb on the Tokyu Toyoko Line (which is fast becoming my new favourite train line after the JR Yamanote-sen) is Jiyugaoka.

I met here recently with Hiki-chan of Jollygoo blog who was kind enough to take me on a wonderful zakka and craft store tour of this sweet little town. Hiki-chan later emailed me personalised 'Hello Sandwich Jiyugaoka Zakka Tour' map pin pointing all of the shops we visited! Ooo what a sweetheart she is! (ありがとう ひきーちゃん!)

To live in Jiyugaoka, as my friend Martin puts it, you have to be 40+, have a small dog, and like French style! There are also some other areas of Jiyugaoka that cater for a younger market. Plus the zakka shops and cafes here are to die for!

6-40-7 Todoroki Setagaya-ku

My favourite part of the Hiki-chan / Hello Sandwich special tour was a delicious lunch at one of Hiki-chan's favourite Tokyo cafes. Ikanika cafe is owned by a lovely husband and wife team and is such a delightful option for lunch. Sweet soft music, Japanese natural style interior, and delicious, beautifully presented teishoku lunch sets. You can see more photos of Ikanika taken by Hiki-chan and her amazing camera here.

Ikanika cafe dry their vegetables outside by sunlight every day.

Joel does this look familiar?

I would really recommend stopping by Jiyugaoka if you are in the area!

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Hello Sando


  1. Hello! Your blog is so inspiring and beautiful! I am going to Toyonaka in Osaka this summer for a month and I hope to find cute places and things there! Have you ever been there? :) Nice to meet you~!

  2. yum those lunch sets look ridiculously good!

  3. Interesting! I haven't ventured there. Wow, one can be creative even with signboards one puts outside the shop!

  4. Ah my thigh!! haha!
    Well how your friend puts it to live in Jiyugaoka is kind of true, the recent image of Jiyugaoka they are trying to make. But I don't really like what comes to Jiyugaoka these days, what have been around for a long time are the good stuff. Of course ikanika is one of the best around here though!!!!!

    I now have to smile every time I go past that cute window you took in the first photo thinking "ah hello sando i miss you" :)

  5. おいしいそう!いきたい!!

  6. Fun! I love Jiyugaoka, which I found only after several trips to Tokyo!

  7. I went to Jiyugaoka twice but never did visit Ikanika. Is the owner a flower stylist? I seem to remember the cafe name and her being featured in magazines. It looks perfect. I'll have to visit next time, thanks to you and hiki!

  8. Thank you for sharing. It all looks so beautiful and inspiring.

  9. waou!!!! im jealous!!!! it looks so yummy!
    lovely to meet HIKI !! she's great!


  10. what a splendid blog! reminde me movie 'the ramen girl' with brittani murphy. love japanese culture and waby-saby philosophy

  11. Such a nice set of photos. The food looks healthy and authentically Japanese. I'd love to visit this cafe!

  12. Lovely photos. I love Jiyugaoka too.

  13. thanks for your blog, I am coming to Tokyo soon and will definitely check the area out