Friday, April 9, 2010

Hello Sandwich Garage Sale #3


I hope you can come along to the Hello Sandwich Garage Sale this Sunday! If you missed out on the fabric packs and stationery packs last time then this is your chance to pick up a lovely little bargain. Mums done it again and kindly offered the back of her Vintage Clothing and Hats shop as the special location for the Sale. (Thanks mum! xxx).

My friend Yumi from Dear Plastic will also be joining the Hello Sando Garage Sale selling some of her pre-loved things too! You can expect:

Gift Wrap Packs
Stationery Packs
Pretty Wallpaper Rolls and off cuts
Art Books
Design Books
Lots of cute accessories
DVD player
and lots of the usual garage sale stuff!

Come along and say hello! We'd LOVE to see you. We'd probably both love a flat white from the little marionette too! haha! Just kidding!

Happy Weekend!

Love Love
Hello Sando


  1. Oooh, I'll be there - I think I stumbled on one of your earlier garage sales before I read your blog.

    Isn't the Little Marionette the best? I love the coffee & my toddler is obsessed with the black star ginger ninjas.

  2. SO BUMMED I can't make it. Can you make me a garage sale lucky dip fantasy parcel for me to purchase at a later date?

    p.s. yay for clearing the 18th for swap shop adventures


  3. i wish i could really go to one of your sales one day

  4. Ooooh I really, really wish I would be in Sydney when you have one of your garage sales. Considered a Melbourne garage sale perhaps!

    I've left you a blogger award over on my blog tonight... I hope you can play along : )


  5. I bet your garage sales are the best!
    Just discovered your blog recently, lovely :)

  6. Omg I wish I could come, I love all the goodies on that sale ! Can't wait for your Tokyo guide :)

  7. Hello Suzy,
    Thanks so much for your comment! Yes The Little Marionette in Annandale is the best! I haven't bee to the Balmain one yet :( xxx

    Hello Cinta / Sepi / Sayu, it was a lot of fun! :)

    KIT!!!! Hello dear! I was bummed too :( but don't worry I have saved you a little collection! Yay for the 18th indeed! eeeeee~!

    Make it Easy! Hello Aron dear! oooo I wish you could too sweetheart! xxx

    Angela lovely! Hello! ooooo yes I should hire a truck and bring Hello Sando Garage Sale to Melbourne! That's a good idea! I would love to play along! I will have a peek at your post again~! xxx

    When skies are grey, Hello! Thank you for your sweet-as-pie comment! xxx

    Narumi-san, I wish you could come too! Thank you so much for your interest in the Hello Sando Tokyo Guide! I am very excited about it too! xxx

    Happy Monday Sandwiches!

    Love Love
    Hello Sando

  8. Hey, this is so unfair!!!
    Please make the next garage sale online on ebay!!!! so the rest of unfortunate us will be able to have some too!!!

  9. Hello Galit! Oooo that's so sweet of you! Perhaps I could put some of the other packs on a blog for purchase! That's a good idea!
    Love Love
    Hello Sandwich