Monday, September 13, 2010

Hello Sandwich Wrapping

Hello Sandwiches.
I hope you had a lovely weekend.
Here is a little sneak preview of a project I've been working on lately!

P.S. This song is by cute Japanese band Capsule.


  1. oh what a fun idea! I've been looking for new packaging inspiration, thanks for sharing!

  2. Lovely packaging! And the music is supercute - what is it?

  3. Okej, I love to play detective - I have found out that it's Capsule with Fashion Fashion - but from what album...? ^_^

  4. adorable! love the video~ can't wait to see this 'secret' project! :)

  5. oh love the bag, Super Duper CUTE!!!!

  6. Super cute music!! Can't wait to see what this project is about.

  7. Hello eye-snacks, he he thank you! I will post more about this project soon!

    Hello Odessa, thank you lovely!

    Hello Victorious Youth, ha ha my pleasure. It was quite fun to make this little video!

    Hello Malin Lundell, The music is capsule! ( I added a link now!) Cute isn't it! I have it on Caprule Feat Eel album!

    Yumi-chan! Hello lovely! Not as cute as your cute video that you made with Taka! But it's fun to make movies isn't it! I want to make a Tokyo one!

    Hello Barbara, thank you dear! xoxo

    Hello Satsuki Shibuya! thank you so much for your sweet words!

    Hello Bitofeye! nawww thank you!

    Hi Biscuit! It's from Capsule! I put the link up in the post now! enjoy!

    Cookie Cutter! ooooo I can't wait to tell you too!

    Love Love
    Hello Sando

  8. so cute EB. Like the smarties ad, I've watched it several times...
    amazing ebony!

  9. aha! secret projects! aha! with a sweet and creative teaser! ahaaa! you've got my attention, it's looking very good already!

  10. Thank you little miss Gracie! You are my biggest fan that's for sure!

    Hello Kiki, thank you so much for your lovely words! xoxo

  11. So cute! And I love your apartment! Thanks for sharing...