Saturday, November 13, 2010

するところ (Surutokoro)


These lovely newspapers were produced by Surutokoro, a Tokyo based printing company that also hosts workshops and other creative events in their beautiful studio space.

'Surutokoro Newspaper' vol.3
Design: Akiko Yanaki
Photography: Naomi Mutou
Planning Editorial Printing: Surutokoro
Binding: Ito Bindery

You'll love everything about these newspapers. From the newspaper stock thick enough so there is no show through, clean photography, gorgeous Japanese style layout with illustrative details layered on top of photographs...all put together with a lovely change of page with full bleed images following on from busier collage pages.

You can pick up a copy from Asahi Art Square, selected cafes and galleries, and of course at Surutokoro's entrance. (1-36-8 Ishihara, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0011)




(Photographs (c) Forward Stroke Inc)

Dragon Making Workshop

The next workshop will take place on the 27th November from 14:00 until 16:00.

Fee: Adults 500yen, Child 300yen

Reservations for the workshop can be made online here.

You know me, I love a workshop! So I hope I can see you there! Big kids allowed!

Thank you Miss Wong for introducing Surutokoro world to me.

Love Love
Hello Sando

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P.P.S. Mama sando has just opened up a new studio! I hope you can pop on over and have her make you a beautiful creation!

P.P.P.S. Thank you sweet little Miss Dawn Tan for this gorgeous post!



  1. how fun!
    i knew tokyo was a must-visit city, but after discovering your blog, i can't wait to go! (but i think it will take some years :S)

  2. You're right, it looks beautiful even online. I want to move in to their studio immediately.

    Thanks for keeping up the posts, though I can't decide if they make me miss Japan more or less.

  3. is it a free newspaper? cute, and interesting content (eventhough i couldn't read any, haha)

  4. Oh that's great! Fantastico YOU! I love the way they are all making ON THE FLOOR in the last image! Of course you should all find a space and do it on the floor! Yes! x

  5. Oh I wish I was in Japan so I could come to this! I love a workshop too.

  6. Hello! I am travelling to Tokyo on Monday with a few other people and I tried to book in to the dragon workshop as it looks like heaps of fun :) In the booking form a phone number is required though. Is this only for Japanese residents? or is anyone welcome? Also where is Surutokoro? The address says it's in Sumida-ku however when i clicked on the link to the map it went to somewhere near Shinjuku??? I am confused haha. Your help would be greatly appreciated :) p.s thanks for making such an awesome blog and travel guide! I have found so many fun things to do in Tokyo that I would never have found otherwise so thanks!! :D