Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Scrapbooking Techniques Workshop!





Handmade Scrapbook + Scrapbooking Techniques Workshop!

* Learn how to make your own scrap book from scratch using brown paper, a cover, mt tape, staple bound and bookbinding tape!

* Learn how to create original labels to use in the scrapbook pages and cover. I will bring all of my stamps to the workshop so that we can all use them. Let's create own own original labels which we can colour photocopy and use as many times as we like!

* I would like to demonstrate some scrap booking mini pocket making techniques such as using an old envelope to trim it and stick it into a scrapbook as a little cute pocket. Let's discover ways that household items and everyday paper items can be used in our scrapbooks by turning them into something cute!


Saturday 10th March

11:00 - 12:30

キュートで女の子らしいスタイルで、身近なものを手作りするHello Sandwichのクラフトレッスン。3/10(土)は、オリジナルのスクラップブックの作り方を教えます。マスキングテープ、ラベル、ハンコを使ったデコレーションの仕方や、古い封筒など、身近な紙で作るミニポケットの作り方は、1度覚えてしまえばさまざまなシーンで応用可能です。Hello Sandwichオリジナルのラベルもご用意してお待ちしております!


More details here.

I hope you can come Sandwiches!

Love Love
Hello Sandwich


  1. This is all so adorable! I love those labels!

  2. Oh this sounds like one awesome workshop Ebony.

  3. Just love all your works...They are awesome. Is there any chance you will have a workshop in Switzerland?

  4. Really so cuteeee!!! I've never thought it can be made by own hands!!! So great!!Lovely!!!:D

  5. Just LOVE to stop by your blog every now and then - just to get inspired and feel the creativity.
    Have a nice wedensday.
    RikkeRøjkjær (Denmark)

  6. That sounds so fun! If only I lived in Japan...sigh.

  7. This looks like so much fun I too wish I lived in japan so I could go to your workshop. Love how you do projects that are not expensive but look a million dollars.

  8. I love your blog. Your jobs are very beautifull and when i read your blog, I remember my wonderfull trip to Japan and its amazing culture.
    Happy day!!!

  9. Hey Ebony! It looks as though you're also offering a workshop there on Friday night April 13 at 7pm. (I'm using Google to translate Kusakanmuri's web page!) Can you confirm? I'll be in Tokyo and would love to participate. Is it the same workshop as the others? Hopefully I won't need to bring anything since I'll be on vacation from Montreal.

    Thanks for confirming! Excited!

  10. I have a really basic bare bones scrap book! I need to get more creative!

    It's a travel log of trips we've taken with our boys....mostly photos, some mapS and ticket stubs...

    I love the idea of a scrapbook made from brown paper! And I have a ton of 20 year old used airmail envelopes from old letters!

  11. How lovely!!
    I wish i could join this!! Love your art style :)