Monday, April 2, 2012

Hello Sandwich x mt school for wrapping 2012!


Sandwiches! I was asked again to do a mt school for wrapping workshop and also make five artworks for the mt exhibition! This is so much fun!
I hope you can come along to the workshops. There are only ten spots for each workshop so call to book soon if you think you can come.

Saturday 7th April - 11am - Hello Sandwich Wrapping with mt tape - ¥1000

Wednesday 11th April - 11am - Hello Sandwich Collage with mt tape - ¥1000

Bookings can be made by calling East Side Tokyo (Yotsubako) between the hours of 10:00〜21:00 on TEL.045-914-5670


定 員:各日10名
内 容:mtを使ったラッピング、コラージュ
講 師:HELLO SANDWICHさん クラフトアーティスト
1980年、オーストラリア・シドニー生まれ。クリエイティブな仕事をもつ両親の影響で、子供の頃から手作り好きに。ニューサウスウェールズ大学在学中からオーストラリアの「ヴォーグ」で仕事を開始。約11年勤務し、「ヴォーグ リビング」で副アートディレクターを務めた。2010年6月に来日。年内に日本の出版社からクラフト本を出版予定。

UPDATE - The workshops are now fully booked. We are trying to put on a second workshop on 7th. Please stay tuned to the mt website for details.

I can't wait to see you there and create using all the lovely mt tapes! Do you remember last years?

Love Love
Hello Sandwich


  1. Too bad our visit will still be on June... I hope you will have a schedule workshop by then. I'm not quite sure yet what date but I really hope I'll feel lucky. Would definitely love to join one of your workshops... =)

  2. That looks like fun, I'm in the states and of course won't make it. Would love to see tons of pictures of your workshop!