Thursday, April 5, 2012

Let's make a pompom cushion cover Workshop!


Let's enjoy making a super cute pompom cushion cover to decorate our rooms at my next Kusakanmuri workshop! Perfect to brighten up any room or also small enough to take to a picnic to rest on. Using the techniques from this lesson, you can make cushion covers for any size cushions! It would also make a lovely present!

Friday 13th
19:00 - 20:30


I'm sorry for everyone who missed out on a spot at my mt workshops :( But I hope you can come to this one!

Love Love
Hello Sandwich


  1. Love the pom pom pillow. I'd be at all your workshops if I lived in Japan. I live in the U.S. but reading your blog makes me wish I could live in Japan for a year just for the experience--and to get my fill of washi tape!...I so love's hard to find here in the U.S....I have to order it online. Hoping to find some when I visit Dallas this year. If anyone there sells it they will love having me walk in their door because I will leave loaded down with all the washi tape I can carry.

    I keep hoping some big U.S. retailers--like Walmart-- will pick up on the washi tape craze and that it will become readily available. I keep asking for it in stores and people say 'what?'...I tell them it is decorative masking tape and then they ask "but what do you do with it?"...then I try to explain how wonderful a product it is.

  2. I love this!

    You have a wonderful blog :)


  3. One day I would love to live in Japan, what a wonderful place, have fun! x

  4. Oh *.* Your blog is so cute! Just fell in love.



  5. super kawaii! i can't take it! (o>____<o)♥

  6. love the idea of a pretty picnic cushion!

  7. こんにちは!
    I love your any projects and photo! super kawaii desune~!
    im japanese and live in Nagoya. someday i wanna join your class.
    and i started my blog. please be my Tomodachi :)

  8. that sounds so wonderful, glad you had a fab time, go mt!