Friday, August 9, 2013

And the prize for the Worlds Cutest Beer Can goes to...

 photo CuteBeerlow_zps4d758d8f.jpg

Yo-ho Sorry!

What an incredible design team - who managed to combine all of those different kanji and hiragana fonts and a mix of red, tiffany blue, buttercup yellow and grey all at once...gahhh.

Apparently they use bonito flakes in this new beer?! Clever bunnies. 

This Nagano based brewing company statement is  “Provide tasty ales and make people happy!”  To be honest, you could put dishwater in that can and I'd still be happy to drink it with packaging like that.

Oh man! Japan! You kill me!

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  1. that's funny...I never thought of beer not being vegetarian.....great can :) and I love the slogan

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  3. I would totally drink this beer. I would keep the can for my bookshelf, too!

  4. So cute! And I am intrigued by that flavor, it sounds like it could be really yummy.