Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fragola Exhibition

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Remember my cute friend Mami-chan? She's having an exhibition of her amazing cookie brooches (made from clay) at Shibuya's Violet and Claire shop. It's on until 24th August, so please don't miss it if you're in Tokyo!

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Mami-chan also made some adorable embroidered bags (remember this Hello Sandwich one ?) which are also for sale at this special exhibition. 

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And, when I visited the gallery on Saturday there was still one copy of my Tokyo guide left (which are now sold out through my online shop).

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Oh, Mami-chan, you're such a cutie!

P.S. A message just in from Mami-chan and most of the cookie brooches are almost all sold out! Please be quick to visit if you'd like one!

Love Love
Hello Sandwich


  1. Everything is so adorable!! Are Mami's brooches available for purchase online anywhere?

  2. ahh they look so cute she should definitely open an online store if she hasn't got one already!