Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Shimokita Texture

 photo IMG_6606_zps85656254.jpg

 photo IMG_6670_zpsa8964589.jpg

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 photo IMG_6569_zpsff7cee23.jpg

 photo IMG_6576_zps35802340.jpg

 photo IMG_6578_zps9f4e7181.jpg

 photo IMG_6583_zps1262355b.jpg

 photo IMG_6601_zpsf910177a.jpg

 photo IMG_6614_zpsb8867de4.jpg

 photo IMG_6632_zpsf950aae8.jpg

 photo IMG_6634_zps1d11377c.jpg

 photo IMG_6697_zps2ba3e103.jpg

 photo IMG_6647_zpsd94106bc.jpg

 photo IMG_6685_zps3fbd4cc4.jpg

 photo IMG_6693_zps454acca9.jpg

Wandering around looking for shots. Not many things better than that.

Love you Japan.

Love Love
Hello Sandwich


  1. beautiful photos!!!

  2. Pretty Shimokita!

    My husband and I booked an apartment in Shimokita for one week this August after reading your guidebook!

  3. Your photos are like a love letter to Tokyo. They are amazing.