Sunday, October 20, 2013

もみじ市 (Momiji ichi)

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It was time to head back to Tamagawa yesterday for Momoji ichi, a lovely little market by the river. I went to the last one three years ago when I first moved to Tokyo. I really love this market and spending time along Tamagawa. So many cute booths, live music, workshops, and zillions of cute people in the cutest fashion. And yesterday was soooo chilly. People were wearing beanies and scarves and at one stage Mami-chan even whipped out her gloves! Only a few weeks ago we were all complaining about the heat and wearing summer dresses. The seasons always change so fast here.

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Cutest. Mama. Ever.

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Echigawa-san signing his new book.

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Cute friends Mami-chan and Bisaiji-san.

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Colourful crowds at the live music area.
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There were little craft packs for sale. This one included all of these goodies. Love those little drawstring pouches.

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Ah Japan and your cute signs.

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A mini model of the various booths - a regular feature of Momiji icji.

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Tupera Tupera's booth.

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Buy your pasta on the left, wine on the right, and enjoy your lunch at these standing tables under French bunting.

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Beanies and jumpers. Yatta!

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The queue for this popular Tegamisha was gigantic. The colourful lunch plates looked incredible.

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Echigawa family. Cutest couple on the planet.

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Hand painted cookie boxes. I mean HAND PAINTED?!!

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Write your favourite movie on a star.

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These girls really made my day. When I bought some paper from their booth they bowed (for the longest time, one of them even put her head on the table!) and said they were '大大大 Hello Sandwich fans'. Oh man, that was so sweet of them! These cuties made their colourful paper necklaces and the booth paper bunting but explained that they were 'ぶきよう’(clumsy) which I strongly doubt. I hope I can see them again soon and make craft together.

Momiji ichi is also on today if you have the chance to pop over. Because of this rain, all of the booths have moved into the Tokyo oval area near Keio Tamagawa station so you can enjoy the stalls without your umbrella and mushy wet muddy feet.

Happy Sunday Sandwiches.

I'm off to my workshop at Wrapple tonight. Pop by if you're in Shibuya Parco. 

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Hello Sandwich


  1. Looks like an excellent Sunday Eb, I went to the movies with Alex and saw "planes", but he was good, so I didn't mind.

    1. Hello Cathy!

      That sounds like a lovely day, too! Planes sounds like a fun movie actually.

      Have you been drawing much lately? I haven't but I have an exhibition in Tokyo in January so I better get onto it!


    2. Hi Eb,
      It was a good movie, even though it was in french, I understood most of it.

      I've been working on a large work for a friend and then I have plans to make and sell... so we'll see... I went to the louvre the other day and it was fab to revisit some of my favorites, early greek figures... I did some drawings then.

      I still have my prehistoric obsession, but that's okay.

      Have fun preparing for the exhibition, sounds great!

      Have a good week,
      love Cathy

  2. Oh my goodness! This looks like so much fun and completely my cup of tea! Do you know if it will be happening in December? I am planning on coming then but I looked at the website and I cannot read Japanese :( Sad face.
    I sent you an email a bit ago from my CBS TV work address, but I don't know if you ever got it or if it got stuck in your junk mail. :( another sad face.
    these pictures are great, thanks for posting!

    1. Hello Dana,

      Thank you for your message.

      This event was the first time in three years that they have hosted it. So I am not sure when the next one will be I'm afraid.

      I just checked my mail box but couldn't find your email. Would you mind kindly re-sending it to me please?

      With many thanks.


  3. Okay, just how cute is this market with all the little crafts and food booths! Looks like a fun time. And those 2 Hello Sandwich fans are adorable. Write your favorite movie on a star, love it! The hand painted cookie boxes, omg! Thanks for sharing your photos and cuteness overload, I felt like I was there for a sec. But luckily I wasn't or I'd be the crazy camera lady taking photos of everything. x

  4. Loving rediscovering your blog. I'm sitting in a little cafe in Barcelona my cafe Americano in front of me and so many memories of my life in Japan have been reawakened by reading your entries here. I will be sure to scour all your posts as I am planning on coming back to visit next year. I used to live in koriyama- shi and miss J-land terribly! So wish I had seen your guide when there were still copies available. Will you be making a new one for next year?