Tuesday, February 25, 2014

(More) Kyoto

 photo IMG_2678_zpsce411702.jpg

This city is just so photogenic. This is not even the end of my edit!

 photo IMG_1939_zpsa745b8cc.jpg

Primary school shoe collection.

 photo IMG_1963_zps720f42d0.jpg

Like a stage.

 photo IMG_1848_zps6be0df7e.jpg

Playground colours and winter trees.

 photo IMG_2463_zps3eac1e5e.jpg

A nice day for a walk.
 photo IMG_1996_zps292765ce.jpg

Inner city farm living.

 photo IMG_1859_zpse41c255a.jpg

I ended up in Kyoto's ghetto at one stage. That will teach me for wandering off to take photos.

 photo IMG_2462_zpseb4047a4.jpg

Little quiet domestic corners near Arashiyama.

 photo IMG_2460_zps106ece5a.jpg

Hayashi Family. Pink, green and canary yellow.

 photo IMG_2455_zpsc8b98520.jpg

Little patterned stack.

 photo IMG_1838_zps573b0ead.jpg

In the event of a fire.

 photo IMG_1821_zpsc95cb083.jpg

I wish I could collect my mail from a retro Japanese post box.

 photo IMG_2763_zpsdc0da454.jpg


 photo IMG_2786_zps2e194fb7.jpg

 photo IMG_2145_zpsfd10d4ba.jpg

If I had ¥100 for every time I've photographed a bike against a wall in Japan...

 photo IMG_2711_zps16bb1968.jpg

Yasai shop.

 photo IMG_2702_zps4fa8ec39.jpg

 photo IMG_2700_zps3589d188.jpg

Lovely retro shoe shop.

 photo IMG_2715_zps93020f61.jpg

The owner of this little shop was watching TV in the back room.

 photo IMG_2788_zps04efddc1.jpg

Singing 'Cleaning' font.

 photo IMG_2444_zps416b4a1d.jpg

 photo IMG_2450_zpsfe81ac02.jpg

Flower illustration with lots of lovely white space.

 photo IMG_2452_zpsaccc8b76.jpg

Old school fumikiri.

Love Sandwich


  1. Thank you for sharing, Ebonyさん。
    I love seeing Japan through your eyes!

    1. Thank you Alex! It's my pleasure! So happy you can enjoy the pics. xoxo

  2. These photographs are lovely, you're very good at framing. The third photo and the one of the letterbox are especially enchanting!

    ps. I think I emailed you a little while ago, your input on the subject would be great!

  3. Hi Ebony and Alex, that makes at least three of us. I'm always happy to see Hello Sandwich in my mailbox!

  4. These are great. The little details that make Kyoto (or any place) special :)

  5. These pictures make me feel happy. Thank you!