Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sandwich ISETAN badge

 photo IsetanSandwichBadge_zpsd96fc45d.jpg

Over the last few months I've hosted quite a few workshops, events and demonstrations at Shinjuku's ISETAN department store with my company.  Usually my name tag reads 'Ebony' in katakana but this time it says 'Sandwich'! Gah, I love it so much and really didn't want to hand it back in today :(

If you're aroung Shinjuku please pop up to the 6F of ISETAN and check out the Valentines Day crafts I made using Martha Stewart Crafts products.

Love Love
Hello Sandwich


  1. That all sounds very exciting! And a sandwich pin, haha, that's perfect<3

  2. Hello, Sandwich-san. This is Fumiko. Thank you for workshop at ISETAN last Saturday. It was so happy to see you again. I bought some chocolates for Valentine, and thinking about Kawaii wrapping with your paper packs.