Sunday, June 8, 2014

Onigiri station なう!

 photo onirigi01_zps476f226e.jpg

 photo onigiri02_zps80c968d9.jpg

 photo onigiri03_zpsc67aa255.jpg

Hello Sandwiches!

There's been a little onigiri station happening over here in Shimokitazawa this afternoon. I made three types.

1) Hijiki
2) Wakame & goma furikake with shiso
and 3) The gaijin version - asparagus, leek, parsley, pea and pepper.

I'm off to my friends party now.

Happy Sunday night, Sandwiches!



  1. mmmmmmmmmmmmm I love it, i want to eat.. again XD

    have a great monday

  2. Omg! looks great... I want to make an onigiri party too xD
    I will invited my sensei.
    Thanks for the inspiration :D
    From the Caribbean onigiri lovers

  3. Looks wondeful! Question: how do you keep the rice from sticking to the mold? I always have problems. Arigatoo!

  4. i've been thinking about making my own onigiris for a while now - this might turn out to be the spark that gets me started ! ; )

  5. Wow! Those onigiri's look soooo good! Whenever I make onigiri, they're all different sizes. How can your's be so perfect? ~