Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Working On My New Book

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Oh My Gosh, Sandwiches!

I'm working on my new book with the craziest of deadlines. If you could see this apartment right now. 2:46am. A mug of 'Cafe Use' coffee in my hand. Craft stuff literally everywhere. I've had to join up my dining table next to my studio desk, and add a makeshift table constructed from some pegboard balancing on craft storage boxes. It is utter craft chaos. I found some mt on my t-shirt when I was cleaning my teeth the other day. And I spotted some Avril string in the corridor of my apartment building. Oh, dear.

When I take a moment to register what's actually happening though, it's pretty incredible for me to think that I'm able to live in Shimokitazawa, make craft all day (and night), and at the end release my very first English language craft book.

I can't tell you how much I love making books. Making the grid. Mocking up layouts. Selecting paper stock. Making craft samples. Shopping for props. Meeting with my photographer. Researching ideas for styling. And then, my favourite part, the photo shoot days! 

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Goodies to use in my book have been arriving via courier. Look at these divine stickers from Blank!

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And mt sent me a box filled with their new Summer range. The mt fab tapes are super special, some are flocked! I'll be jumping onto a shinkansen armed with a little ekiben and a bag full of craft supplies, and heading to Tohoku in a few weeks to host a workshop at the mt school. I hope you can come along!

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In between crossing off pages from my book grid I've been hosting workshops for my company. Our latest workshop was at one of my favourite craft shops, Wrapple!

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Shopping for props for my book. Crazy fun!

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Well, Sandwiches, this Sandwich better get to bed soon. Tomorrow is a big day. I have to hide all of my craft book mess tetris style somewhere in this apartment before the Japanese TV crew come to interview me on Thursday! Once, when a magazine came to shoot my apartment, I hid so much stuff in the bathroom! Ha ha.

Hope you're all having a much more relaxing August!

Love Sandwich


  1. Wow, great and exciting news!! I'm so happy and looking forward to your book!

  2. You are so inspiring! Best of luck with the TV-team and the book, love all the gems you bought. Flocked tape? Must check it out!!

  3. I can really feel the excitement in this post! :D Good luck with all your projects, and keep up the amazing work! It's so excellent that you're doing an English language book, so exciting! Can't wait to see more to come :)

  4. Hi Ebony, I've been following your blog for a long while and love your work! I'm excited about your next book in English! Would there be a way for us to buy this book, internationally, from your publisher or distributor or some online source? I'm sure there are many of us who want to but this book ASAP and I wonder if we can buy direct and fast, instead of waiting for our local or regular bookstore to (possibly) get this book. Thanks!!

  5. Brilliant photos! Your creations inspire me so much. I'd love to see shots of your apartment. :)

  6. Whoa! looking forward to your book Ebony. Ganbatte! ^^
    And omg haha, hiding all the stuffs in the bathroom good idea, I wonder how if they found it out >___<

  7. What amazing and exciting news! Best of luck!