Sunday, November 1, 2015

Hello Hawker!

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Hello Sandwiches!!!

How are you all? It's F I N A L L Y getting cold in Tokyo. I made nabe tonight, and am wearing heat tech, and my feet are cold and I can smell winter. It's brilliant.

I'm just back from Singapore where I hosted a series of workshops and had a pop-up at The Little Drom Store. Gosh it's been incredible travelling around lately. Lithuania, Amsterdam and Singapore. I have a giant backlog of images to show you, but for now, here are some pics from the hawker food center.

OMG this place, and all it's amazing colour and delicious foo.! I can't even!

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Antoinette and Stanley from The Little Drom store took me to their favourite fresh fruit juice stall. I'd caught a cold in Singapore, and Antoinette recommended a Singapore remedy of, I think it was starfruit and salt. It was super delicious and I'm sure it helped me recover. Stanley had mentioned that he really loved the retro signage at the hawker food center, and we had long conversations about the fonts, printing types, and acrylic signs. The perfect conversation.

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The curry puff uncle! Singapore is F U L L of smiles.

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Lilac bowls!

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Canary yellow. Green. Turquoise. And lime. Yassssss!

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Orange and lime.

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Even the stacks of dirty plates made it onto my Fujifilm X100T.

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Love the cutlery identification tagging technique.

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Bobochacha (which is ridiculously fun to say) and other amazing Singapore desserts.

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In case it wasn't already amazing enough, Stanley came back with drinks in bags. And check out the bags - purple and red. Teamed with the little fluoro green ties - I can't even. 

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Pink drink in a bag. With a yellow straw! STOP!!!

"Let's shoot it again, without the line and with both hands"

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Do you die?
I die!

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Each stall paints the ends of their cutlery so they can be returned to the correct stall. Swoon!

"It looks cute with the tiles too, don't you think?"

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Okay so people who bring their own coloured melamine to the hawker food center (which is already filled with coloured melamine) ARE THE BEST!

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We did a shoot for Polkaros' new 'Singapore Dessert' collection. Antoinette said it felt like she was making me work, but for me it was heaven. I LOVE a good shoot. Ant and Stanley brought along their own props and we stood on chairs taking overhead shots in the middle of the hawker food center. We even made good use of a mint tray as a reflector board. Lol. You can take the girl outta Vogue Living...

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This polkaros collection is ridiculously cute!

And ZOMG. You guys! This is a chance to get one of the very last copies of my Tokyo Guide! The Little Drom Store have opened up their online shop with a few of their copies! Head over here if you'd like one.

I can't wait to tell you more about this amazing store we found full of melamine plates. On thwe way back to Tokyo my suitcase was full with 'Hello Hawker' items. I can't wait to have a #HelloHawker picnic before it gets too cold.

In the time being, head over to my instagram or snapchat for pics and snippets.

Love Love
Hello Sandwich


  1. Those pictures were so cool!! But those bags of liquid scared me all i can think of popping it and getting wet��. The neon pink drink out of curouisity what flavour was that? Thanks for your lovely posts��

    1. Thank you Jo! Ha ha - yeah, and once you open it, you're kind of stuck with it until you finish the drink! It was rose syrup and milk. We joked that it tasted like soap and perfume. But actually it taste more like musk sticks!

  2. Hi ebony, I was reading your post and it is amazing!! Your eye for colour will definitely make me see my frequent hawker centre trips with new eyes, thank you for this. :D

    1. Hello! Ohhh that's so sweet of you! Ha ha! They are really amazing and I miss them so much!

  3. I live in Singapore (but now in Japan) and you make Singapore look so much more appealing than I will ever do!

    1. Ohhhhh you're soooo sweet! Thank you for saying those sweet things! You're so lucky you can stock up on coloured melamine anytime you want!

  4. No one could have made our hawker centre look so candy-colored and cute like you!
    I'm so glad I'm following and got to snag a copy of the sold out Tokyo guide!!

    1. Ha ha thanks so much Yin! That's so kind of you! xoxo

  5. These are all too cute i just have to comment omg <3 <3
    i love your appreciation towards color and how you take notice of small things. oh my god, i did not realize those things are that cute

    filicia | Candy After Dinner