Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Shintaro Miyake

Shintaro Miyake is one of my favourite contemporary Japanese artists. Miyake-san often dresses up in costumes such as sweet-san, a beaver or a rabbit and engages in live performance drawings. He believes that dressing up in character helps him to engage with the viewers, saying it's something like meeting the real Mickey Mouse at Disneyland. Cute! Performance drawing aside, I am also enamoured by his delicate pencil lines and kawaii (cute) subject matter.

Miyake-san is represented by my favourite Tokyo gallery, Tomio Koyama Gallery. For more information, please click here, here or here.

Point! If you are heading to Tokyo and wish to visit Tomio Koyama gallery, please message me and I will happily send you a foreigner friendly map as it can be very tricky to find (but well worth it)!


  1. very exciting, Polo and I are planning a trip to Tokyo in April next year on our way back to London, after visiitng Sydney. I'm very very excited and will be requesting Hello Sandwich tips! xo

  2. Absolutely! Oh how exciting! What a gorgeous time to be in Tokyo! I would be delighted to pass on some tips!
    Also I am very excited to finally meet you in real life!!!
    Love love
    Hello Sandwich.