Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hello Sandwich Tokyo

Hello Sandwiches!

Sorry for the delay in posting. I've been off sick with a really horrible flu which has left me feeling pretty sorry for myself but today I finally got some antibiotics which should help me feel better soon (Thank you everyone for your well wishes on Twitter too! xxx).

I've now sorted my Tokyo pics into suburbs, because, guess what, I'm currently putting together a HELLO SANDWICH TOKYO GUIDE. eeeep! I can't count the amount of times people have asked me for Tokyo tips so I thought it might be time to start making it easy for people!

The guide is a little while off so I'm going to share a little sneak peek with you over the next few weeks as I post about a few of my favourite suburbs such as Nakameguro, Gakugei-daigaku, Jiyugaoka, Koenji, Kichijoji, Daikanyama and Shibuya. First up is Shimokitazawa, but before that can I please just share a few fun Tokyo shots?


  1. It was so much fun looking through those pictures, will there be more?

  2. EB! love them all! and that pink house!?? oosh

  3. Ahhhh I can't stop smiling at these gorgeous shots!! The way you see Tokyo is so unique and really cool! Hello sando Tokyo guide will be terrific! Can't wait to see it! I wonder if jollygoo Tokyo guide will ever happen....
    Anyway I hope you will have a good rest over the weekend and that will make you will feel better soon!!!!!! Oyasumi!

  4. ah! I love Tokyo and thank you for making a guide for it! ありがとうございます~!

  5. konichiwa sando!
    'm writing from hawaii, where as you know we have a ton of japanese influence going on, i myself am half-japanese (we're called "hapa" here, means half in hawaiian). anyway, we get the best TV show week everynight on our japanese programming channel, KIKU, called Soko Ga Shiritai, its pretty much my fave TV show....its all about Japan, mainly in Tokyo, but often outside too. Typically an inside look into people's lives, work, habits, diets, and rad. do you know about this? you would love it so.

  6. Loving these photos so much.
    Wish I was there though!

  7. Oh I really love the pictures! Looking foreward to your Tokyo guide, I love to go back sometime :)

  8. Lovely pictures!! Now I feel like going to Lawson and buy me a tuna onigiri and a warm oolong-cha. Nihon e ikitai na!:)

  9. Aww, I hope you recover fully soon! And a guide to Tokyo sounds awesome! :)

    Love the quirky pics you took

  10. Hello Blue Eyed night owl, thanks so much. There will be more pics when I post about each of my favourite suburbs. so stay tuned. xxx

    Gracie - hello (omote)sando! How cute is the pink place. Mr Y tells me it's some sort of hostess club!

    Hiki-chan! Hello love! Oh you are so cute! Thank you! Your shots are so much ore beautiful with your gorgeous vision and the light you are able to capture with your fancy camera! I really want to get a digital SLR one day! I think the jollygoo guide HAS to happen! And maybe one day we can combine forces! I would love to do something fun with you one day! collaborate on something! Hope you are staying warm! I heard it was 11 degrees yesterday! Nice and warm! xxx

    Lisa - my absolute pleasure1 Tokyo is the best isn't it! どいたしまして!

    Shanon! So nice to hear from you! Yes it's so interesting about Hawaii and Japan. I didn't know about 'hapa'! I have am currently looking up Soko ga shititai on you tube - i have found some things but not sure if they are the right one...It's in Nihon-go right? Ahhhh I need to study my Nihon-go! Thanks so much for telling me about it!

    Teddy Bears Wednesday! Hello! Oh thank you so much. I wish you were there too! It's the best city in the world!

    Linda, hello! Thanks for your comment! Yes I think you should plan another trip! xxx

    Hana - yes yes! I love tuna mayo onigiri and I always buy a chu-hi in a metallic hologram can to wash it down with! Oh I miss it already!

    Elle hello! thanks so much for your comment and well wishes. I hope I feel better soon too. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

    Love Love
    Hello Sandwich

  11. yay yay yay yay!!!!
    this makes me so happy
    great photos!! love the first few with the hints of pink!
    the pink water hose....WOW!
    i am excited to keep seeing more of your tokyo adventures!! <3 <3

  12. Oh Yay! A Tokyo zine! Exciting! How I wish I could jump right into all of your Tokyo pictures! The snow, the shops! Ahhh.. Too cute!

  13. I did not know about Shimokitazawa, I will definitely check it out next time. My favourite wish is to go back to visit Tokyo atleast once a year.

    Thank you for your wonderful tips and photos, I can't wait to get a copy of your Tokyo zine!!


  14. I am really looking forward to the release of your new Tokyo guide. Hopefully it will be released when I am visiting in June!

  15. how can i get a copy of your guide? I will be in Tokyo on April 12 with my husband and 1-year-old son. thank you!

  16. Love this! Just got back from a trip with my hubby & 2 kids to Japan - wished I'd taken more pics but spent most of my time walking around with my jaw to the ground soaking it all in!! So loved seeing your photos, took me right back there to all those kooky great things!!!