Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tokyo Zine Picnic


The Zine Picnic in Yoyogi Koen has been moved to Monday because of this Tokyo rain!

[Zine Picnic] is a picnic for self-publishing lovers.
Let’s relax and have a great time gathering, sharing and exchanging zines with a cup of coffee and homemade sweets under the blue sky.Your best zines and dishes are most welcome!We recommend you to bring your own cup and leisure seat.Of course, you can just drop by to say hello to us.


11:00 - 17:00 Monday 11th October. I hope you can come along!

For updates please follow Zine Picnic on twitter.

See some pics from the last Zine Picnic here.


  1. WOW I had a look at the June pics and it seems so colorful and fun! I wish you nice weather on Monday :)

  2. That sounds fun! I love Yoyogi, an oasis in the middle of the city.

    Everyone I know in Japan is complaining about the rain. But well, I guess you are enjoying your raincoats and rain hats and umbrellas...Tokyo girl!

  3. Happy 10.10.10!!!
    wow those posters are amazing, i wish i could attend, the pics from the last evebt seemed really interesting. Have fun and remember to tell us how it goes :)

  4. I've heard about this from my friend, hanging out and making friend with other zine lover, very nice concept. Everything is so fun there!

  5. it was too late i checked this!!
    i hope you will have next Zine picnic!

  6. Hello Random Elephant! Thank you for your comment! I had a peek online and it looks like it will be nice weather tomorrow! weeee!

    Hello Mariko Brown, Yes Yoyogi is a nice park isn't it! I often ride there!

    Hello Jenny! happy 10.10.10! I will indeed tell you how it goes! Thank you for your comment!

    Hello Sun! I hope you can come and visit one say too!

    Hello Tka! I hope you can come tomorrow! It will be a lovely afternoon!

    Love Love
    Hello Sandwich