Saturday, December 4, 2010

More Hello Sandwich Craft TV


Hello Sandwiches! Happy Weekend!

This little video was launched today at my Skype craft workshop at the Finders Keepers + The Paper Convention Festival. It's a little tutorial to show you how you can make your own super cute confetti bow. I hope you like it!

More tips like this will be in my Hello Sandwich Gift Wrapping Zine coming super soon to Hello Sandwich Online Shop.

Love Love


  1. You never cease to amaze me with your adorable crafts ♥

  2. wow this is a perfect tutorial! leave it to you! btw you have a great voice lol

  3. Oh these are so wonderful! You really need to have your own TV show! Wouldn't that be fun!
    Sophie x

  4. Fantastic! I cannot wait for the zine.

  5. Such a great idea, we want to try it! Your craft TV is super :)

  6. tixs to tokyo checked! accomodation checked! now waiting for my pdf zine :D

  7. Hello Sandwich! Cute video! May I know whats the music playing in the front of the video? Thanks :)

  8. Absolutely enjoying your craft tv. Love the music love the craft. just totally fun!

  9. little shnaupie came running in when he heard hellosandwich's voice. He thought his best friend sandwich had just come home.

  10. Cute bow & cute Australian accent!
    So pleasant to hear.

  11. this is lovely, thank you sandwichi! n_n

  12. Thank you Ames and Tash! :)

    Hello Cath, owwww thank you! I can't take the credit for this idea though - it was my art directors daughter's pre-school project!

    Hello PetSugar, ha ha thank you for not teasing my Aussie accent!

    Thank you so much Sophie Isobel Designs. Ha ha that is my DREAM! A real TV show! and makeup!

    Hello Cerebral e, it's almost there!!!

    Elisabeth lovely! thank you so much for your lovely words about Sandwich Craft TV!

    Hi Tana, thanks for your comment.

    Thank you Gini!!! :)

    Thank you Nano Nano, how exciting you'll be coming to Tokyo. You should have your PDF zine by now? I've sent all of my orders out?!

    Hi Anonymous, It's phony phonic by capsule.

    Hello Lily X, I'm so happy you like Sandwich Craft TV!!! yay!!!

    Mama-Sando! ooooowwwww Schnaupiiiii! I miss Scnhaupiiiii!!!

    Hello Ah li, thank you so much for your sweet comment!

    Hello MarikoBrown, ha ha eeep I wish I had a cute British accent :( or a cute Japanese English accent!

    Thank you lovely Alicia :)

  13. Lovely simple tutorial! It's strange to hear your voice - even though I know you from Australia, I imagined you with a mild New York accent.

  14. I love your blog (it has nothing to do with the tutorial, but i thought i'd tell you), it convinces me that i definitely should live in Tokyo ! (I'm only 18 though, i'll have to wait... i spent one year in Japan as an exchange student, but not in Tokyo)

    And i'd like to know how to make the pom-pom garland in your back ! Thanks :)

    Oh and i think you should actually make a tutorial for every single thing on your pictures, everything looks so cute !

    (and sorry for my bad english, i'm french..)

  15. Love this cute bow!! Thank you for sharing your how to! Love tokyo too. Visited about 2 years ago and can't wait to go back!

  16. yay! super cute video :) i think it would make a great hair accessory too!!

  17. i love your diy video :)))
    the craft thing always be wonderful *

  18. Thank you for the video ^0^ I picked up one of your instruction sheets from the Paper Convention. Is it easy to find those punched out tissue paper things? I can't remember if I've seen any in my local art store >_<'

  19. I know you probabaly get this a lot (it being your blogger name) but hello sandwich it was a wonderful watching how to make a confetti bow. just read that you're living in tokyo, i find that fascinATting beyonnnd words !

  20. エボニーちゃんはすごくかわいい!!!!!!!
    hearing your adorable and very pretty voice only makes me feel that much closer to you. hahahah

  21. you are mashumaro Sandwich.sweet and fuka fuka tast.kawaii oishii sandwich ne(^^)