Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hello Sandwich Workspace in Nylon Korea




I've always loved seeing the creative workspaces of others! Kit just did a lovely post about inspiring studio spaces. Wouldn't it be lovely to have a work space like these!
My work space is quite mini-me Tokyo size, but the lovely team at Nylon Korea Magazine have featured it in their new issue (top workspace above).

This is the English translation:

1.Introduce yourself please (your name and occupation)
Hello. My name is Ebony Bizys and I am Tokyo based freelance graphic (print and book) designer. I also run a blog called Hello Sandwich

2.What do you do very first when you seat in front of your desk?
I always make myself a coffee from my espresso machine and turn on my Macbook pro to check my emails and some favourite blogs.

3.How long do you spend your time on the desk per a day?
Eeep! I usually spend quite a long time, about 12 hours.

4.What do you work on the desk?
I work on freelance graphic design, writing my blog, making zines, emailing, drawing, collaging, reading magazines, scrapbooking, writing letters and chatting on skype. My desk is also where I dispatch all of my Hello Sandwich Zine orders.

5.Two things that must be on your desk.
My laptop, and some cute masking tape. I also love to have fresh flowers if I can, to keep me inspired.

6.Favorite stationery brand

Love Love


  1. Congrats on getting into Nylon Korea! Your workspace is so adorable =]

  2. What! This is awesome! congrats, and your workspace is suuuper cute :)

  3. Congrats on being in Nylon Korea!!!
    I loOVEEEEEEEEEEEE Nylon Magazine and have EVERY Issue since 2004!!!

    And you're work space is adorable!!
    I can't wait to get my new apartment and have my work station set up finally!!!


  4. I love your work space - and congrats! :-)

  5. Well done on getting in Nylon Korea. Enjoyed reading the article!!

  6. Very inspiring your work space! Love it;)

  7. great article!

    I super love your blog :)

  8. hey congrats, that s absolutely wow! i looove nylon mag so much!

  9. what a cute workspace! I love it! and congrats!

  10. Your work space is so cute!

    I just found your blog, I moved to Shimokita a month ago and love it here!! Thanks for the great photos of the area too, I've been trying to describe it to people but it's difficult - the photos you've taken really convey the feeling of the area. Thanks again. :)

  11. You're making me very excited to move to Japan later this year, I hope to find a bit of inspiration! Congrats on being featured in Nylon Korea!

  12. Congratulations, Ebony.
    You are taking over!
    I love seeing others' workspace, too.
    Yours is always inspiring!

  13. Love reading your blog ebony - very beautiful and sweet!
    Designing here in tokyo for 3 months, and your guide's been amazing..

    Wanted to ask - where is o-check stocked in tokyo?


  14. i love your blog!
    its really inspiring!
    you have an unique style!
    i hope visit japan one day..
    im from mexico, but what i see in your blog and what a i know makes me love japan!
    thanks for sharing with us!!

  15. congrats! You're lucky, spending so much time at the lovely desk (I live the floral bin!) doing amazing, fun things!!!

  16. I just had a (too) short stay in Tokyo. We used your Tokyo guide and I wanted to say thanks for the great suggestions. LOVED the Shimokitazawa area, the vintage clothes and antique stores are incredbile. Do you know who illustrated the 'used clothing shop map' that was available in many of the vintage stores?? It's super kawaiiiiiiiii!
    Like many gaijin before, I have fallen in love with Japan and need to visit again soon! Til then, your blog will be my Japanese connection :)

  17. congrats on making it in nylon korea!!!

  18. Oh, your work space is just as darling as I imagined! What a lovely feature - congratulations!