Saturday, August 31, 2013

ISETAN Shinjuku Demonstration Day

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Today was just one of those lovely days. Waking up before my alarm. Finding there was just enough orange juice for my breakfast. Noticing beautiful sunlight falling on some flowers on my morning walk to Higashi-Kitazawa station. And making the train I thought I'd already missed. Those things always put a smile on my face.

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Okay, so I think I can pretty much retire now! I couldn't believe it when my company handed me a little name tag for my Martha Stewart Crafts demonstration day at ISETAN Shinjuku! I really really want to keep this! I felt so privileged as a gaijin to experience this (and the ISETAN Shinjuku staff room!).

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This is our little Martha Stewart Crafts corner which you can visit until 8th September. It's on the 6th floor at Shinjuku ISETAN in the stationery area. Visitors are free to use the papers and punches on the free space table at any time, and I will be hosting two workshops per day on both 7th and 8th September. Please find workshop reservation details here. All of the punches are also for sale, too.

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Out little sample tree.

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After we finished our demonstration day I killed a little time at the design book section at Shinjuku Kinokuniya. Is it a coincidence that the craft, design, photography, Japanese language, foreign magazines and foreign books are all on the same floor? I think not! I could, (and often do) spend hours here.

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Studio Alta, the perfect meeting place and landmark of Shinjuku's Higashiguchi. Love this city like crazy!

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What better way to top off a nice Saturday than with dinner at my favourite izakaya in Shimokitazawa. That first beer after a days work - - - おいしいいいいい!

Have a nice weekend Sandwiches!

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  1. how absolutely wonderful! happy weekend to you!

    1. Thank you so much! I hope you had a lovely weekend too!

  2. what an amazing weekend! thank you for sharing :)

    1. Hello! How are you going? Nice to hear from you again! I hope you had a nice weekend too!

  3. your posts on life in tokyo always makes me so jealous! do keep posting about the amazing city Tokyo :)

    1. Ha thanks Hanna! You should come and move to Tokyo too!

  4. Dear Ebony chan,
    im so glad you are back blogging, i have missed your lovely photos.