Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lately in Tokyo - September and October, 2013

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Crafting away for Martha Stewart Crafts Japan.

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There's a little Hello Sandwich x Martha Stewart Crafts Japan display at Entre Square store in the AO building in Aoyama. Please check it out if you have time.

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My friend's exhibition at No. 12 Gallery in Komaba.

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Delicious obento at the Tokyo Art Book Fair.

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The Hello Sandwich booth at the Tokyo Art Book Fair.

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As usual, I was up the night before printing and stapling my new zine together. This one I made with a friend. We stayed up for 24 hours and took one photo an hour to a set theme.
 photo IMG_8915_zps9912ac88.jpg

James explains our new zine:

Sometimes drifting through time’s gentle currents and eddies you’re able to watch, as if moving past motorised dioramas in a papier mâché cave, life actually happening. The collective construction of the present. Minuscule moments of habit. We wanted to mark with a keen eye the details of one day as it’s assembled. For twenty four hours, these were our lives as we lived them.

 photo f283b04a234011e38be922000aeb0c6a_7_zpsb8751e7a.jpg

 photo photo4_zps699514f3.jpg

I also made a few craft collage kits to sell at the Tokyo Art Book Fair.

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 photo IMG_8974_zpsd38fc228.jpg

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Pompom socks!

 photo 85e36dd41c7611e3a3dd22000ae81e0c_7_zps9f9e1d57.jpg

Soooo cute!

 photo 89e84f5c1b6e11e3859c22000a9f0a20_7_zps1f4d5343.jpg

Multi coloured manicures and handmade skirts.

 photo 4d5e241c315311e3ae5922000ae90854_7_zpsb89aed63.jpg

'Intense pegging' (as referenced by one of my instagram followers) after losing my $50 polka dot Castle and Things pillow case.
 photo 23ea40a62fd811e3962522000ae80eca_7_zps2d60e813.jpg


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Sophie et chocolat. Cuties.

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Meetings at Sophie et chocolat's super cute studio.

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Outgoing mail.

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How great is this embossed stamp punch!

 photo b32c164c33eb11e381d622000a1f975c_7_zps021fae76.jpg

The closing party for Violet and Claire before it moves shop to Kyoto.

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These days my meetings look like this.

 photo 0a8bd87a252611e3a82b22000a9f1408_7_zps6c0dfd48.jpg

Invite some friends around for homemade onigiri.

 photo d9794f62309511e3945d22000a9f13ca_7_zps408ce29e.jpg

Trying to be healthy.

 photo e3ed8a10178811e3924b22000aaa05e0_7_zps1f0cc60d.jpg

Rooftop obento lunch breaks at work.

 photo photo1_zpsa1237ba4.jpg

I really just wanted ramen.

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There has been some crazy beautiful action in the sky lately. A rainbow over Shibuya.

 photo IMG_9339_zpsc76dea07.jpg

From my balcony.

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 photo IMG_6422_zpsa368ad02.jpg

Watercolour sky from my balcony.

 photo IMG_9364_zps02eeafbf.jpg

 photo IMG_9377_zpse1bf2560.jpg

 photo IMG_9386_zps16b3718e.jpg

So fun to be a workshop participant for a change!

 photo IMG_9393_zps059f6b24.jpg

 photo 812c635a348511e38faf22000a1f99f9_7_zps47445269.jpg

The WORLDS BEST stamping station in Tachikawa!

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Sunsets in Ginza.

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Camera shopping and stationery shopping with friends in Ginza.

Hope you're having a lovely start to the week Sandwiches!

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  1. These pictures are magical!

    I will be having my first trip to Tokyo next year and I can't wait! :-)

    Rowdy Fairy Blog
    Follow Me on Bloglovin!

    1. That's wonderful news you'll be travelling to Tokyo! It's such a safe city to travel alone in. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time here! Happy planning!

  2. ohh are you selling your worst fun zine online? I bet it's awesome would love to get a copy :)

    1. Hello! Thank you so much for your kind words about The Worst Fun zine! Oh, at the moment we aren't selling it online, but if that changes I will let you know. Thanks so much for your interest.

  3. lovely pictuers :) i makes my heart long for tokyo again!

    i used your tokyo guide when i was in tokyo this summer, and it helped me so much to get around and find stores and places i never would have found without it! like tokyo hands and the moomin cafe! <3 thanks for your inspiring blog and amazing guide <333

    1. Thank you so much. I'm so happy my guide was useful for you in Tokyo. I hope you weren't too hot here. Tokyo Summer can be pretty brutal. Thank you for reading Hello Sandwich and your kind words. xoxo

  4. Great photos! What is that cool camera at the end?

    1. Hey Jared! How are you? Staying dry on this rainy grey Tokyo day I hope?

      That cute camera belongs to a friend of mine. It's a instax mini 90 if I'm not wrong. It's so lovely - a really retro design and the print outs come out at business card size prints. It reminds me of the days when I first started working at VOGUE when we used to get polaroids to check a shot.

      Hope you're well.

      Love Sandwich


  5. I am so glad that I just discovered your charming little blog. :) Your paper creations have brought a sparkle to my eye and inspired me as a fellow snail mail/stationary enthusiast. xoxo

    1. Oh that's so lovely if you to say Sarah! I really really really love letter writing. Have you had a moment to check my pinterest? I have a little 'Letter writing' board with lots of nice ideas by creative people that might be of interest to you.

      Love Sandwich

  6. Hi hi. I love your blog and have been following it for awhile. It must be such an adventure to live in Japan. Anyways, was wondering which brand the embossed stamp punch was from. Am looking for one actually :)

    Thank you.

    1. Hello Joanne,

      Thank you for your comment. Yes, it's so wonderful and inspiring living in Tokyo! Please come and visit one day.

      The punch is by Decop.



  7. Hi :) I love your blog and all you do! It's so amazing :)
    I used your Paper Gift Bag Tutorial and I wrote about it on my blog: http://megshandmade.blogspot.com/2013/10/torebka-na-prezent.html
    Thank you for sharing this turorial! :)

    1. Thank you Meg, that's so sweet of you to say. Thank you for trying out my gift bag tutorial too. I'm glad it was useful for you :)

  8. Hello Ebony!

    It's 1st time to say hello on the internet. Just found me with a big mask at pon pon socks photo! It looks so weird (about me)! Anyway, hope you're well and see you soon..maybe at Sophie et Chocolate's exhibition?

    Nanae X

    1. Hello! How are you lovely? It's so nice to see your comment here. Yes, see you at Sophie et Chocolat's exhibition! I can't wait! See you at the party!

  9. This post is so happy! It cheered up my day.I love all the colorful items in it!

    The Tokyo Artbook Fair looks gorgeous. Last November I was introduced to zines by a friend while attending Design Festa and I became very interested into them. Seeing so many piqued my curiosity. "The Worst Fun" looks the most interesting. What is it about?

    I love your blog, thank you for sharing such beautiful stories! :)


    1. Thank you so much for your nice comment. I'm so pleased you could enjoy it.

      Thank you for your interest in the little zine. I made this zine with a friend who lives in Sydney. We stayed awake for 24 hours and took a photo an hour to a theme. It was challenging (especially around 4am...) but a great exercise and wonderful to see the pics together now in a little handmade book. Do you like taking photos too? It's a fun project to try if you do. I also took a photo an hour for a normal day (i.e. not 24 hours ha ha). You can see it here:


      Thank you again for your sweet words about Hello Sandwich.


  10. hello! where to buy the embossed stamp punch? i want one too<3 thanks