Monday, April 20, 2009

Bento Accessories

Little picks for almost anything - I usually make a western style ham, cheese and tomato stack.

ow! my favourite coloured faux grass! If you can't get your hands on bento patties, you can always substitute with cup cake patties. 

Little egg shapers for your boiled eggs! The trick is to pop you boiled egg in while its very hot so it cools in one of the above shapes. 

Mini dressing holders. yes please!

A while ago I mentioned my love for Bento boxes, you can see the post here. But today I wanted to also share my obsession for Bento accessories! After all, what fun would packing a bento be if you didn't get to use cute accessories such as pink faux grass, panda head mini sauce containers, and love heart tipped tooth picks?

Here are a few favourites.

Sandwich shape cutters! 

Alphabet cutters so you can form messages in  things like ham or cheese. 

Onigiri face makers!

Make some characters in your bento!

Nori cutters.

Hello Onigiri-chan!


  1. These accessories are amazing! I bought a few little things like this when I was in Japan last year - including the some egg shapers and I love them.

    You might like to see a little Shinzi Katoh store that we run here in Aus:

  2. Hi Katie! Your website is cute! Thanks so much for letting me know about it! :) Thank you also for popping past Hello Sandwich!
    Isn't Japan fun!

  3. I bought SOOO many bento picks when in Tokyo. I have a whole box full of little animals heads. They make me giggle. Also, I bought some silicone cupcake patties for bento there too - they are reusable and so pretty, too.

    Great post, as always - thank you!

  4. Oooo... cute overload! I have some egg shapers that are cute kitty and bunny heads. Those mini dressing holders are toooo sweet. More to add to my shopping list! Do you have any fave stores to buy these in Tokyo?

  5. Lordy, it puts new meaning to "playing with your food".

  6. Oh my these are the cutest things ever! I remember having a bento on the shinkansen to Osaka, it was so beautiful I almost didn't want to eat it!
    I ordered Come Home magazine the lovely lady who runs this blog: Email her and she will be more than happy to send you a copy. It's the nicest little magazine!
    Hope you have a lovely day! xx

  7. Hi Kate! Oh you will have to show me your cute little bento picks! I just love Tokyo! I always stock up on so many Bento essentials! he he! Oh yes I have silicone love heart shaped bento patties too - much better for the environment aren't they! Ow thank you for your sweet words! You are gorgeous!

    Hello Lisa! he he cute overload indeed! oh kitty and bunny heads! I think we should have a Hello Sandwich's friends bento page! if you have any pics can you email them! so cute! Oh yes I stock up at Loft, Daiso, 99 yen stores, Tokyu Hands, Three minutes happiness, seiyu, and local stores in suburban Tokyo. Ow I am so jealous! Can I please get an intern to cover my work at the mag and come along in your suitcase! he he!

    Yes katiecrackernuts - I am a big kid at heart! he he!

    Hello lovely Windy Days! Oh I am just imagining you eating a bento on the shinkansen! so cute! I hope you took lots of photos of the cute bento! eki-ben are my favourite! I should post about eki-ben - they are the bentos that you buy from the station. (eki - station and ben - short for bento). Thanks so much for the heads up on the Come Home mag supplier. I have emailed her already. Arigatou! Hope you had a lovely day too! I am so cosy at home now and about to cook beef one pot wonder for my boyfriend and my dad. xxx speak again soon lovely!

    Love love
    Hello Sandwich

  8. Oh wow - that egg shaper is WILD! Love them all, and they all look so pretty.

  9. Potty Mouth Mama! what a cute name for your blog! Oh yes you will have to get an egg shaper! soooo cute! Hope you have a lovely Thursday! And thank you very much for visiting Hello Sandwich!

  10. wow i might even be tempted to take my lunch to work when it is packed that cutely - i must check out the lil Japan grocery store on clarence st (near druitt) on my last visit i was seduced by their range of pocky sticks...

  11. I love bento gadgets on your blog!!

  12. Seeing this makes me want to make a bento! I haven't made one before but it looks so fun to make!