Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hello Holga

I recently treated myself to a Holga from ebay. But not just any old Holga, I got this cute pink Holga. And I paid extra for the colour of course! For a while I was creating Holga medium format effects using photoshop but then I decided it was time to get the real thing! I first became interested in Holga cameras when I saw some gorgeous shots on Taza and Husband blog.

But it's amazing what you can forget since art school! My dad (who is quite the photographer!) had to remind me what sort of film was best for my little Holga friend and how to load the film. He even bought me a lovely Holga photography book filled with tips and hints! If you're reading this - Thanks dad! Let's take our cameras out for a walk together soon!


  1. ooooh - i just can't wait to see your holga shots:)
    (and i really like the red wattle in the bottle!)

  2. wow, i didn't know they made pink ones now!
    my friend painted hers the exact same colour and it just looks so cute!
    i'd like to paint mine but i have the autographs from chicks on speed on it, which is still cool :)

    enjoy your holga, i love mine to death ^_^

  3. Oooh wow, LOVE it!
    I want one too....

    I am very curious about the pics you'll take with it!


  4. Ii-ne-kore! Eek I hope they will be okay! It might take some time until I get the hang of this film camera business! Thanks so much for your comment about the flowers too! It is actually from a pretty tree that peeks over my fence from my next door neighbours. Very pretty indeed! xxx

    Lightening Heart - me either! I just saw them on ebay! Wow you can paint your own one! Great idea and sounds so cute! Oh cool you met the chicks on speed! Was that at Craft VIC? I really wanted to go!! envious~~~~~!!!! Lucky you! You have to post a pic of it! :) xxx

    Hello Mila! What a pretty name! Yes you should treat yourself to one! Hmm I too am curious about my Holga pics! I hope they will work out! I am so new to this! Hope you have a lovely day!

    Love love
    Hello Sandwich

  5. yay! look forward to seeing the shots... i have some more to be developed! x

  6. oh my goodness. It's magnificent! I used to have a black Holga but I dressed it up with silver and bit of purple enamel paint.

    ♥ art photography + mixed paper notebooks www.afiori.com

  7. Heya! I got a Holga 135BC when I was in Japan, as I was afraid of not being able to get my film developed in Sydney? Where do you go?