Saturday, March 14, 2009

White Day

Today is White Day in Japan. One of my most favourite days in the year. Marking the date one month following Valentines Day, White Day is the day that males are able to (or obliged to!) return gifts (usually white chocolate) to the females whom they received Valentines presents from. l hope you receive some white chocolate today!


  1. hello! just found your blog which is really nice and colourful:)
    hope you got some chocolate!

  2. Hello there Outi!

    Thank you so much for your sweet little note! I have just had a look at your blog and its also very sweet. That looked like fun skating on the sea!

    I am looking forward to visiting your blog from now on. Thank you for making contact! I am very happy that Hello Sandwich is reaching cute people like you all the way over in Helsinki!

    I hope you can visit Hello Sandwich one day again soon!