Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fashion Forestry

I recently touched on the topic of fashion and so I thought now might be a nice time to point out one of Tavi's favourite Blogs. Fashion Forestry is a lovely blog by US fashion design student. There are so many reasons why I am in love with Fashion Forestry...her great style; her creative, colourful and quirky designs; and perhaps the fact that most self portraits feature hats and my mum is a milliner (see mum's website here). Ow if only we could all put this much effort into our daily outfits like Fashion Forestry!
P.S. I remember once when I was at art school I used to set myself weekly fashion themes such as space, the colour yellow, or librarian style. Oh how times were fun back in those days! sigh!


  1. Thanks for sharing this blog, I wish I had time to think that in depth about my outifts as well, she has beautiful combinations

  2. wow what a wondrous and colourful wardrobe she has!
    and little tavi makes me feel so old and daggy but i still do love her so - what spunk!
    and lastly i just have to say that im diggin your little animated pics in your side bar. sweet!


  3. Thank you so much for posting about me!! It means a lot!


  4. My pleasure Rachael! Her outfits are just so delightful aren't they!

    Lightening Heart! way too cool hey!

    Hello little Evie! I know I feel so old and daggy when I see lovely fashion kids like this! eek! But good for some inspiration at least! Ow thank you! I finally worked out (thanks to a little help from some lovely blog friends) how to get up some animated gifs! so much fun! I must say - I am a little addicted at the moment! Hope you have a gorgeous weekend!

    Nicole! my absolute pleasure! I think you are fantastic and love your blog and style! I will have to tell my mum about you as I know she would love you too (mum is a milliner!)

    Have a wonderful weekend lovely people.

    Love love
    Hello Sandwich