Thursday, April 16, 2009


Leslie Hall is one super cool girl. Cool. Confident. AND Crafty! Anyone who sings hip hop in gold Lycra pants teamed with a gem sweater is a friend of mine.

All you craft lovers out there have to watch this video (above) of the lovely Leslie in her craft rap complete with bedazzled jumpers shiny gold leggings and back-up dancers in matching outfits! Hilarious!

Still want to see more? Visit Leslie's Gem Sweater TV or Leslie's 'Beat Dazzler' movie here.

Seen the video's but now want to see her live? Check out her band Leslie and the Ly's homepage. And to read more about Leslie please see her mention on Crafternoon, her myspace, her Fantastic Woman mention, or her Papermag review.



  1. OHHH my!!! this is the best ever... thank you for introduce me this woman.

  2. where did you find this fine lady?! I looove...and so catchy too??!!!

  3. astonishing, thanks for sharing she's a gem!!

  4. ahhhh i can't even handle how much i love leslie hall, she is my absolute hero!
    i wish she would come to australia

  5. Madame Craft! Hello! I am so happy you have started a blog! yay! So now I can pretend I am living in Tokyo through your fun blog! Isn't Leslie great!~! xxx

    Yumi-chan! I know isn't she fab! yes it's soooo catchy! you should play this song on a portable TV next time you do a craft store! Hmm now I can't even remember which blog I found her me at mikes perhaps? Hope you are well lovely!

    Hi Rachael! thanks so much for your commenting! I am so happy you love Leslie too! She is so much fun!

    Lightening Heart! Thanks so much for your message! She is my hero too! We should all make a fun video film clip together in honour of Lovely Leslie!

    Happy weekend everyone! Thanks so much for your continued Hello Sandwich support!

    Love love
    Hello Sandwich

  6. Hi!! I just left you the answer to your question in my blog after your comment, i did not know if answer here o there so, i wrote it there, ooooh i am so new about this!! Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Hi!
    Your blog is so unique, filled with creativity, and full of color. I love it!

  8. Oh wow! Leslie is FANTASTIC! I love that video. Thanks for continually finding such amazing and quirky things!

  9. hahah when i found her on myspace, i couldnt stop smiling! shes like the aunty or babysitter you always wanted

  10. Leslie is the greatest women alive.