Wednesday, April 1, 2009


This rainy Sydney weather of late makes me wish I was in Tokyo sitting under a kotatsu eating mikan and drinking Chu-Hi's from metallic hologram cans. Oh bliss!

Have you ever sat under a kotatsu? It's a little coffee table which has an electric heater attached to its underside and is covered by a special blanket. Relaxing under a kotatsu is one of my most favourite things about trips to Japan in winter. I wish I could bring a kotatsu home from Tokyo one day. Or perhaps I could make my own kotatsu!

Wherever you are I hope you are staying warm and dry!

Love love
Hello Sandwich.


  1. It was so HOT in Brisbane today - just when I thought we were heading towards winter!! These Kotatsu's look amazingly comfy and indulgent - I had never heard of them before.. I can see why you were craving on a particularly rainy, miserable day. Have a good night:)

  2. oh, natsukashii! my dad made a built-in kotatsu in our old house in killara. we used to spend wintery afternoons after school hanging in the kotatsu...eating osenbei's and mikan's and watching chibimaruko-chan!!!
    p.s. i loved the designfiles ebony?! u r amazing!

  3. ohhhh a kotatsu sounds amazing. i'd like one for the next london winter!

  4. That sounds so cozy! I have never heard of them, but want to use one coming winter! :)

  5. I love everything about this blog!
    Such a fabulous jewelbox of ideas.
    xxx Nanette

  6. Oh God, all I can think if FIRE HAZARD!
    Thanks for allowing me to post the stamp link and pic. Much appreciated. Now, where do I find the Band-Aids, and mental note, must remind Guides of basic first aid on how to stem the flow of blood. I'm likely to pass out.

  7. Oh I remember sitting under these while we stayed at a Monastery in Koyasan - it was snowing out which was strange as it was April and the cherry blossoms were blooming too... lovely memories... Thank you Ebony!

  8. sorry for all my repeated comments... It wouldn't upload, and kept coming up with ...'waiting for approval'...
    sorry! it was a little impatient of me?!!!

  9. Ow you lovely people! I made some silly changes to moderate my comments the other day and ever since I though to myself 'oh no! my latest blog entries have not been a hit with the regulars!' But in actual fact all of your lovely comments were stored up and hidden behind a little link on my home page! Never again. I have reverted back to the lovely system where what you comment gets posted immediately. Your comments are what makes it all worth it! Thank you so much for your patience on this one.

    Little Jane Street!! I envy you in sunny Brisbane! Sipping your mocktail pool side! But yes, it's been so cold in Sydney these last few days that a kotatsu would have come in rather handy!

    Yumi-chan! I miss Toriciya already! When can we go back? xxx

    Lovely Melanie! Yes you need one! I think you have to get Polo into the workshop! xxx

    Amazing Rynke, they are just the most lovely cozy things of all time! I wish we could sit under one right now and talk creative things! It would be so fun! I hope that somehow you can get one by next winter! xxx

    Nanette! What a special blog you have! I encourage everyone to take a peek at Nanette's blog and see if there is a way you can help out with the Victorian Bushfire Appeal. Thank you so much for visiting Hello Sandwich. xxx

    Katie! Oh don't worry! The way in which they are constructed in Japan makes them very safe. Almost every house has one. No worries about the post. Thank you very much for linking Hello Sandwich. xxx

    Oh Emma-chan! Koyasan sounds so beautiful! I have never been there but after seeing it online I now want to go!!! divine! I have never seen Hanami cherry blossom season in Japan but being the start of April I have been thinking of it a lot recently. Do you have some gorgeous photos?

    Yumi-chan! ii yo! It's my fault for having attempted to moderate comments temporarily. Gomen ne! I have fixed it now I think so never again!

    Oyasumi nasai!

    Love love
    Hello Sandwich

  10. you found very cute photos of these!!