Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pecha Kucha

Pecha Kucha is Japanese for chit-chat and is a forum where young artists, designers and other creative types to meet, network and show their work in public. Each presenter is allowed 20 images, each shown for 20 seconds - giving 6 minutes 40 seconds of fame before the next presenter is up. This keeps presentations concise, the interest level up, and gives more people the chance to show.

Chalk Horse Gallery in Sydney's Surry Hills will host a Pecha Kucha event tonight. Click here for tonight's line up and more details.

I will be talking at the next Sydney Pecha Kucha night which takes place later in the year. Stay posted.

I hope to see you there tonight!


  1. Ai, yi, yi. Looks fabulous. Hmm, I have a Girl Guide meeting to run. Bummer. Hmmm, next one you say? Do keep us posted.

  2. sounds great!
    I have been trying to comment on your last post, but it keeps coming up as waiting for approval??? weird?! here is my comment anyhow!

    "oh, natsukashii! my dad made a built-in kotatsu in our old house in killara. we used to spend wintery afternoons after school hanging in the kotatsu...eating osenbei's and mikan's and watching chibimaruko-chan!!!
    p.s. i loved the designfiles ebony?! u r amazing!"

  3. What a great idea! (Just as good as Poewerpoint Karaoke!) Hopefully I might be able to pop in - it sounds awesome.
    x Lee Tran

  4. Oh dear I am so sorry to have taken so long to post these comments! Truth is - I couldn't see them hidden in my blogger home page! eek! I was actually thinking that everyone had vetoed my blog as I had not heard from anyone since recently changing the settings of my account! Never again! I promise not to moderate comments again! From now on, the moment you post, they will go up!

    The comments are the best part of the blog and I am so thankful to you for making the time to visit and comment!

    Katie Cracker Nuts! Thank you so much for your comment! Yes! I will be sure to keep you posted! I would love to meet you in person!

    Yumi-chan!!! Oh your dad is so so amazing! He is on the schedule for next week's Hello Sandwich posts! Yasu and I are totally in love with his restaurant! amazing! He is so talented! I can't believe that he made a kotatsu! I wonder if he has time to tell me how one day...Oh you are soooo lucky! Can we swap houses please? xxx
    Thanks also for your sweet comment about The Design Files. Oh but Lucy is amazing and can make anyone sound fun! Her blog is great isn't it!

    Lee Tran! Oh my goodness! I am so into the idea of powerpoint karaoke ever since you mentioned it today! Can we please have lunch time karaoke one day?