Monday, April 6, 2009

Polish paper chandelier

Isn't this Polish paper chandelier (above) seen on amazing blog Wren Handmade just the most gorgeous thing you have ever seen?!

I also love these beautiful ones from Polart .

And this special one was handmade by Wren Handmade.

Wouldn't it be nice to share a craft afternoon with friends and each make one of these!

Love love
Hello Sandwich.


  1. Hi Jillian-anne! Aren't they just amazing! I made one once but it wasn't nearly as pretty as these ones.

  2. Yes, what a beauties! I was thinking the same...have to make one myself someday...

  3. Ebonnyyyyyy! These are SO gorgeous! Thanks for sharing :) I may have to re-post. supercute.

    Also I love your answers in the interview above! :) You were born in the wrong continent lady :) You are Japanese through and through! xxx

    Lucy xxxx

  4. ooo these are so pretty
    i love your blog

  5. Oh yes Rynke! you should make one! It would look so pretty hanging in your home! Especially for Easter! But that might be a bit of a rush! xxx

    Lucy!!! Little Lovely Lucy! Hello there! Aren't they just divine. Wren Handmade is so clever! I think her husband is Polish right?
    hehe - yes I should have been born in Tokyo right?! xxx

    Leelee -Thank you! Your blog looks really cute too! Thanks so much for visiting Hello Sandwich and for leaving your lovely comment! I will visit Leelee from now on!

    Love Love
    Hello Sandwich