Sunday, April 5, 2009


Distillate is a fantastic new website which features the latest fashion, homewares, handcrafted goods, photography, art and recipes. Unlike many other sites, Distillate ensures that their national and international content can be shipped here to Australia. There is nothing more annoying than falling in love with something only to find you can't buy it!

Distillate has recently featured The Small Object (above) who I featured here.

I am loving so many things on Distillate such as these embroidery bowls from Industreal.

And these log bowls by Loyal Loot available from ReForm School. (cute website hey!)

And this wooden block game from Design Museum Shop which I fell in love with after seeing it here and here.

It's clear these Distillate kids have great taste! Worth a visit!


  1. Ooooh, that wooden block game!! I want it!! So nice! :)

  2. Hi Rynke I know! how cute is is! I want it too! Would be cute to make your own one too in pretty pastel colours!
    Love love
    Hello Sandwich

  3. thanks for the post about !! Love the support!

    Keep up the beautiful blog


  4. Hi Jacqui! My pleasure! My Editor sent it along to the team and we all love it! Congratulations on a great site!
    Thank you for visiting Hello Sandwich.

  5. Thanks for introducing me to distillate... I LOVE those embroidered bowls!

  6. Oh finally, I can post a comment! I've been trying for days. it was happening on a few different blogs... not sure what was going on there. Ebony I wanted to ask you about your Tokyo guide you mentioned was in progress - I'm sure it will be fab. I've just booked myself a week in Tokyo next month (gotta love jetstar!) and would love to hear your tips. i spent a month there last year and can't wait to get back.

    My email address is on my blog if you want to reply off the comments list!


  7. Hello Lisa T,
    Oh that is a shame that you have had trouble posting a comment. Did it come up with a funny message or something? Maybe it's something to fix up at my end? Please let me know if you have any trouble in the future.
    Hoe exciting you are going to Tokyo! What a gorgeous time to be in Tokyo! Unfortunately the Tokyo guide is not finished yet but I would be happy to email you a few tips to keep you going until it's ready for publishing.
    I'll search out your email address on your blog.

    And yes - how gorgeous are the embroidered bowls! I want one!