Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yayoi Kusama Keitai

The wonderful Yayoi Kusama who I wrote about here will launch her own keitai at the end of this month through Japan's popular phone company AU. The polka-dot phone, which comes complete with puppy dog charger is the first phone in AU's new line of Iida phones. So cute!


  1. Why does Kusama always looks so mad? I did your tag thing, dear. EJ x

  2. I love her!! I love her hair!

  3. Yumi lets fly to Tokyo right now to buy one!

    Emma - um...maybe because she is a little mad. or do you mean mad as in angry mad? hmmm who knows! but i love her just the same :) thanks so much for the tag! i loved your clever and inspiring answers! xxx Arigatou!

    Rebecca isn't she fantastic! I too love her red wig! xxx

  4. Hi Ebony! Thanks for the tag over on my blog.
    I wasn't so familiar with Yayoi before reading your blog but I must say Im feeling the polka dot love. And how great is the top image!! It instantly reminded me of the Japanese movie Wool 100%. Have you seen it? Here's a little youtube link if not So interesting visually I love it but have to admit I watch most of it with the sound down, the high pitch yelling can get a bit much. Evie x

  5. Hello Evie!
    Oh I am so pleased you have polka dot love! Yayoi Kusama is a winning combination for me - I love Japanese contemporary art and I love Polka dots. Thanks so much for the link to the movie! I really enjoyed it - especially the hand drawn section with the whispering. So lovely! Thank you for sharing it with me! :)
    Please don't feel you have to do the tag thing if you don't want to!
    Hope you are having a lovely day in the lead up to the Easter break! yay!

    Love love
    Hello Sandwich