Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I Just Can't Get Zines Out of My Mind!

...And posts like these aren't helping! (But secretly I love it!)

Anyway, how cute is this exhibition of zines seen at this delightful Edinburgh exhibition venue spotted on About Today Blog!

About Today is a blog by Lizzy Stewart who is a final year illustration student at Edinburgh College of Art. You can see more of Lizzy's work here.

Lizzy Stewart's zine can be viewed here or you can see all of the zines for sale at Story Motel.

Oh I reallllly can't wait to make my own zine one day! Have you made your own zine once before? It looks like such fun!

Love Love
Hello Sandwich


  1. Aw man I crave zines too, like a drug or something. I made a zine called Sweat about a year ago, got everyone involved & then I asked this guy to print the envelopes & he never did. So I assembled an army to hand them out, but then I had exams & life got in the way =(

    Do it!

  2. Ooh, I've been zine-mad since the fair, too! I have so many ideas in my little brain. I must put aside a weekend and just go crazy. I'd love to see one of your zines, Ebony! Kawaii ne!

  3. Tear off another day off the calendar and there's a new, great and creatively inspiring post from Ebony, as always! Hurrah. And on one of my favourite subjects too!
    I would love to put in an advance order for the Hello Sandwich zine. (Can mine come in a bento box?) I know it will happen and that it will be awesome!
    x Lee Tran

  4. I love zines & would like to make a little zine one day! They're oodles of fun to collect. ;)

  5. I love zines and wish there was a fair here in calgary :(

  6. zines are always fun! personalized and individual with that amateur quality thats so refreshing!