Friday, June 5, 2009

Hello Greenie! It's World Environment Day! Special Hello Sandwich Eco Giveaway!

In honour of a very special day today, World Environment Day, I would like to let you in on a little secret...I recently made a pledge through an eco initiative created by my company to make a difference for the better for our lovely environment and... as a result...I was selected to be in the final of 100 contestants and now have one in ten chance of winning a Toyota Prius!!

Here is some info from News Magazines website:

More than 100 One Degree of Action pledgers went to amazing lengths to cut their carbon emissions for 14 days during May..From transforming offices into “eco-havens”, going vegan, achieving zero car use, starting worm farms and becoming “Op Shop” fashionistas, over 100 people from across News Limited took the One Degree challenge and cut their carbon during May.

Ebony Bizys from News Magazines (Yay! That's 
Hello Sandwich!) is one of the “How eco would you go?” finalists.

Ebony started an eco-make over of the News Magazines offices, and began by engaging the help of Al Gore ambassador Liane Rossler. In her first 14 days, Ebony implemented a wide range of initiatives that will benefit all News Magazines staff – from negotiating a discount at a local coffee shop for employees who bring a mug, to starting a communal garden in the Alexandria business park.

I now have another 4 days to undertake further action to be in the running to win a low-emission Toyota Prius hybrid car! Wowzers can you imagine that! 

I started a eco blog for our VOGUE Living Editorial team to track our progress and inspire. You can see My One Degree of Difference Blog here.


As another part of my pledge I would love to invite you to take part in the 1 Million Women Cutting Carbon Action.

1 Million Women - daughters, mothers, sisters and grandmothers inspiring climate action. Our goal is to collectively cut 1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2), the main greenhouse gas pollutant triggering climate change. Every woman who joins has a personal goal to cut 1 tonne of CO2 from their daily lives within a year of joining. You don't need to be an expert on climate change, we will guide you every step of the way.

If you are a woman and would love to be involved pretty please join! It's a great step to improving our beautiful environment! Please let me know if you do join so I can add your name to a special Hello Sandwich 1 MILLION WOMEN list!
 (Special Thanks to Angela from Three Buttons Blog for already signing up!)


Today, as part of my pledge, I have arranged for Al Gore Climate Project Ambassador and Dinosaur Designs' Liane Rossler to give an Eco Presentation to News Magazines staff and as a special treat to attendees I have prepared some Eco Lucky Door Prizes (above).

Each prize will come complete with a note about how the prize will help you to save the environment but I think these tips can also help to inspire all lovely Hello Sandwich readers with just how easy it can be to be kind to our environment: 

1. Eco Plant - Grow your own vegetables where possible! Delicious!

2. Heart Shaped Bento Box - The Naked lunch challenge! When packing your lunch, opt for reusable containers for food storage instead of wrapping the food with aluminum foil or plastic wrap. Enjoy a special home packed bento lunch like the Japanese!

3. Floral Gloves - Turn off the Heater - wear pretty vintage gloves instead!

4. Russh Magazine - Many of us like to leaf through the paper or a magazine as we munch on breakfast, but consider reading the dailies in communal spaces like the office or coffee shops. However, if you prefer to have your own copy, make sure you share with friends and then recycle! Start a library or book club with your friends or team mates!

5. Vintage Pussycat Bag - Fall in love with vintage again and cut down on textile waste in fashion production with this super vintage cute bag - which, by the way, I am still not completely ready to part with but...


To win, just complete one eco friendly action on WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY TODAY and leave your name in the comments below with a little note about what you did to help save our lovely environment! 

This prize is open to anyone in the whole world! I will post little pussycat bag to the person with the best eco action! 

Special thanks to my mum Sandie Bizys  (who you might have seen here) for donating this bag and the other divine vintage prizes! Be sure to stop by her gorgeous studio in Annandale, Sydney! 

6.  Tiffany Blue Mittens - Turn off the Heater - wear cosy vintage mittens instead!

7. Stripy Scarf- Turn off the Heater - wear retro vintage scarves instead!

8. Vintage Stocking Dryer - When you are feeling at your laziest, don’t throw clean clothes in the hamper to avoid hanging them up! Wear jeans more than once…Wash your smalls in the shower with you.

9. Vintage curlers - Turn off the blow dryer and set your hair instead!

10. Candle lit dinner - As you leave the house, don’t forget to switch off all the lights and appliances at the wall unit (if you have this feature) and unplug chargers as they continue to consume even if they are not charging; saving energy helps reduce air pollution. Enjoy a night in with a candle lit dinner.

11. Napkins - Impress your dinner guests AND save the environment by banning the disposable napkin and getting out your Nanna's linen napkins!

12. Towel dry -  Embrace the Japanese tradition of carrying a towel or handkerchief around in your bag  and use towels for drying your face and hands instead of tissues that are used and thrown away. Also, hang your towels to dry so that they can be reused several times. You are after all clean when you use them!

13. Japanese vintage  fan - Consider eco ways to stay cool - In the summer/warmer months, consider using an interior fan in conjunction with your window air-conditioner to spread the cooled air more effectively through your home. While you’re at it, in winter, lower your thermostat and put on a jumper. In summer, increase it and wear lighter clothes, you will also save money!

14. Vintage buttons - Learn to sew and make your own clothes cutting down on textile waste and reduce the carbon-emitting fashion production - and look super cute at the same time! Much better to make your own than clock up carbon-emissions by making road trips driving to op-shops! Visit Meet Me At Mikes for some crafty sewing tips. 

15. Mug - Do you have a morning hot drink routine? Using a washable mug is an environmentally-friendly alternative to non-biodegradable styrofoam or plastic cups. See how our VOGUE Living team have embraced this challenge here, here and here.

Other prizes (not shown) are:

A set of playing cards - Build a community. Play charades. Have dinners with friends. Sing together. Enjoying each other costs the planet much less than enjoying its resources. Let's relearn to joke around and play in ways that cost nothing to our pocketbooks or our planet.

Handmade Recycled Notepad Handmade by Ebony (and Ebony's Dad! Thanks Dad!) - When you need a pad for lists and messages, turn over an old document and write on the back of that instead. If there isn’t an office recycling system, start one yourself! Recycling our trash actually contributes to reducing global warming emissions. And it is estimated that 75% of what is thrown in the trash could actually be recycled, though currently only 25% is.

Eco Cloth Bag - Don’t go anywhere without your cloth bag so you can just say no to plastic whenever you shop.

All of these special Eco Lucky Door Prizes come wrapped in floral furoshiki for re-use complete with Yayoi Kusama inspired 'Love Forever' eco badge handmade by Ebony and her Dad!


Some other sites you might find useful to help you on your eco journey are:

Be Green
Green at Work
Green Ups
Zero Waste
Sydney Flash Mob
One Hundred Months
Story of Stuff
Neco - Smart Green Living

And...If you love our environment I think you will LOVE No Impact Man Blog. It's a blog by Colin Beavan about what each of us can do to end our environmental crisis, make a better place to live for ourselves and everyone else, and hopefully come up with a happier way of life along the way! Now doesn't that sound nice! You can see No Impact Man's Top Ten Eco-Lifestyle Changes Tips here.

THANK YOU so very much for reading this very long post! Our environment loves you for it!
Happy World Environment Day!

Love Love
Hello Sandwich (and) Hello Greenie!


Special thanks to my dad for the amazing photography, badge making skills and recycled notepads!


  1. Instead of printing out a 40 page report, I settled down into my office chair and read it all on the computer. Cheers!


  2. Hello Ebony!! Cute, cute photo's!!!

    You are doing such a fantastic job with spreading the joys and benefits of eco living! Your office sounds so much greener after you worked your magic!!

    I think all offices could employ your green ways!

    Angela xxox

    P.S. (I always make sure I turn off lights that aren't in use) :D

  3. You are awesome Hello sandwich! I love reading your blog!

  4. well done helloe sandwich/helle greenie. Your enthusiasm is infectious!

    see you at the talk.

  5. sorry!- there goes another spelling mistake-- helloe-- helle!!??

  6. Hello Sandwich!
    You are so very inspiring, and what wonderful values + work you put in place to make a difference - i just love it!

    I will be taking part in your 1 Million Women Cutting Carbon Action of course, such a great initiative. All things environment are very important Lox+Savvy too, our button/buckle cards are 100% eco-friendly, by use of vintage buttons hand-sewn using vintage 100% cotton onto 100% paper off-cuts (which would have previously been thrown straight into the bin - my brother is a printer, who ensures he gives lox+savvy ALL paper off-cuts before being tossed into bins)..
    all part of using our renewable resources..

    lox+savvy also donates part of our paper off-cuts and die-cut left-overs to a local childcare centre which we find very resourceful and really doesn't take much time to help the environment!

    I truly believe each of us can make a difference!

    lox+savvy will be writing an enviro blog today, just out of pure inspiration from your one today - love hello sandwich!!

    x lox+savvy x

  7. You are just the cutest thing EVER!

    First, I am SO THRILLED for you that you might win the Prius! I have my fingers and toes crossed that they choose you.

    Second, your furoshiki-wrapped prizes made my heart sigh. What lovely care and warmth.

    Third, I'd love to be in contention for the little giveaway! My green tips are:
    -I always use materials from Reverse Garbage for my packaging of etsy orders
    -I up-cycle books and maps into new pretty designs
    -I never use the dryer
    -I only use the dishwasher for very full loads (and then, have slight dishwasher guilt!)
    -I use my bento for 'naked lunches' (I love this term!) And also because it's so cute and fun.

    You really are the sweetest - wishing you happy thoughts and so much luck!

  8. Well done, lovely one. Am ever so proud of you, and am crossing my fingers that the Prius is soon your's! I wrapped my lunch in the beautiful furoshiki that you made me for my birthday (naked lunch indeed!); walked to work from Darling Point instead of taking a train, bus or car; and am drinking Fair Trade tea as we speak. I hope all that counts, dear. Good luck, bonne chance, and ganbatte ne! EJ x

  9. hello it is below...inspired by you!

    making a difference

    x lox+savvy x

  10. you. are. AMAZING.
    and soooo cute!!

    hmm, i guess the action i take in being eco friendly world conservation conscious is that i have got into a really good habit of unplugging all electrical outlets in my house whenever they are not in use. like i will literally just walk around and notice a plug, and pull it out immediately, as if it will bother me if i dont. hahah
    its not the most grand scaled and amazing act, but it definitely reduces our electric bill!! :-D

  11. Just came here via Pia and I am LOVING IT. I will be joining the cause!

  12. Wow Ebony really well done!!! I looooove your handmade furoshiki! Kawaiiiiiii

    These are what i always do to be eco-friendly:
    *i grow my own veges,
    *bring my eco-bags and say "fukuro irimasen!" at the shops,
    *use the water from the bath to water my plants the next morning (since we don't wash ourselves in the tub and the water is pretty clean),
    *use handmade soap for washing clothes (australian teatree/eucalyptus oils are so great to use for cleaning the house too!)
    *i don't drive intead ride my bike most of the time,
    and since reading your post i'm now going to bring "my-ohashi" when I eat out!

    I really hope you will win the Toyota Prius!!!!!
    ganbatte ne♪

  13. oh ebony so many more reasons you are adorable, and your dad - what a great guy!! and your mum with the sweetest little bag I have ever seen!!!!
    i love your work, consciously making an effort for our beautiful planet, your a gem - with the cutest photos too hehe. i wish you all the best in the running for the prius - how cool!
    i know i can always do more but always try and you have inspired me to start taking a towel with me - great idea and get the office a little more pro active. we reuse our coffee carry trays but perhaps the 'bring your own mug' could step things up a bit!
    today i am wearing a handmade scarf (in green, what a fitting colour), made from upcycled sweaters and a brooch made from reclaimed lino - both good for the environment. my lunch is packed in reusable containers. all paper waste is being recycled. i work with a lot of paper so recycling helps ease the guilt! any missprinted work gets made into note paper or if its a bit special handmade notebooks, ribbons for gift wrapping, gift tags etc! i also reuse salvageable bubble wrap around the office. and at the end of today my computer will be switched off completely along with the other electrical items and lights in the office ready for a long weekend! YAY : )
    best of luck xx

  14. so sorry for the long comment but i was all excited and enthusiastic from ready your post : P

  15. I really admire the fact that you have so much passion for a cause and put yourself completely into it! you look so lovely in the photos too!

    i wish i was doing more for the environment but i have started to pay more attention to all the little things. at the moment i'm taking short showers, trying to walk rather than drive my car (which is also better for me!) and not using plastic bags! :)

  16. so inspiring you are hello greenie! can i add my little bits for the lovely furoshiki eco prizes chance too? um, what i can think of at the moment:
    - just replaced my old hot water service today (good timing!) with a super efficient 5.2-star instantaneous one, and have insulated a-plenty in my new little built-in verandah
    -am gathering cuttings from friends' plants of hardy plants in summer like geraniums and vines that don;t need so much water when they are established to grow in my front garden and as inside potplants
    -have some seeds from eden seeds to start my veggie winter patch
    - ride to work everyday and always a packed lunch in bento or recycled lunchpacks
    -will try a candle-lit dinner tonight, and go with blankets and cats on laps for warmth rather than any heater:)
    thanks again ebony - you are so inspiring!

  17. Great work Hello Sandwich (Greenie)! Good luck with winning the car.
    I've written a blog post about your efforts in an attempt to spread the good word.
    I'd love to be in your lovely giveaway... What I did today to contribute to the cause:
    * i walked my daughter to school (we do this on as many days as possible). I won't use my car at all today.
    * I won't use my printer today.
    * I won't buy anything.

  18. Oh, I forgot to say that i signed up to be one of the 1 million women. Thanks for the inspiration Ebony.

  19. Hello Ebony.
    I came over to visit via Angela at Three Buttons.
    I really enjoyed reading how you are "going green". thumbs up to you. I already do most of the same things as you do and it's nice to read how other people are doing them too. Good luck with the car. I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you!

  20. Well done x a million, Ebony! The talk you organised was great: smart and serious but warm and encouraging at the same time
    (because if we all feel hopeless about the situation, there's nothing we will do about it).

    And I loved all your prizes, they really were warm and inspired - I know I already use green electricity (which actually turns out to be cheaper than normal electricity for me - Origin Energy if anyone needs a tip!) and I've done the no-heater-at-home rule for two winters running.
    But I really should buy proper napkins and the Japanese idea of carrying a hand-towel in your bag is a smart one. So many saved paper towels1
    Congrats again! The Prius should be YOURS!
    Lee Tran

  21. I like your one-degree-of-difference approach. I think it's the small actions which help us to contribute, and then lead to new perspectives and approaches.

    Here are my actions towards sustainability for today:
    1. Went car-free, as I do now everyday. I rode my Christianita cargo bike with my baby and toddler. (see
    2. Carried a handkerchief and facecloth - only started doing this a few months ago, but this action challenged my 'disposable' mentality in lots of areas
    3. Bought some clothes at an op-shop to refashion rather than buying new.

    Best of luck with the Prius! Although I'd recommend a Christiania bike if you don't get it :.)

  22. Hope you win the car!

    I'm doing most of things you mention above already but I do like the idea of carrying a washer, Japanese style, for hand wiping (already do the napkin thingy). Will institute that one immediately! I already have the little bag, don't own a dryer, don't have aircon, wear my jeans more than once (!! I've always done that - is that bad??) etc etc BUT there is always something you can do. For me, it is to catch the train to work more often (I live outside Sydney). So they are my two pledges - great work!!

  23. forgot to say what I did today to be in your giveaway:

    *collected eggs from my chooks (we have started to grown our own veg and got the chooks to help out)
    *bought some vintage fabric from an op shop to make up into presents for friends' birthdays coming up
    *bought some second hand (but not used!) hankies to deal with my cold (old fashioned with crocheted edges) so I can stop using tissues

    that's all for today. Giveaway looks beautiful!



  25. Thrilled to pieces with your post. Well done. It's been so great to see so many people so willing to get behind the idea that we all have a part to play. Go girl.

  26. Thanks Ebony for the motivation...what a fantastic idea AND just what I needed, a kick up the bum...
    donna x

  27. Hey Ebony, here's my contribution,
    Walked to the shops with my son - no car,
    filled up our canvas shopping bags - no plastic,
    really wanted to buy a magazine - went to the library and borrowed a whole bunch!

  28. We hang dry all of our laundry, try to use cloth diapers whenever possible, plug in our solar panels, use CF bulbs, and we just started worm composting the other day (the kids LOVE that!). I also try to shop for thrifted items where possible.
    Happy World Environment Day!

  29. What cute photos. I just wanted to let you know that I too have joined 1 Million Women and thankyou for making such an important cause fun. x

  30. Hello!
    Wow you are all so so so lovely and thank you so much for making the time to comment with news of all the wonderful things you have been doing to help save our lovely environment! It is all so wonderful and I am so so thrilled and overwhelmed by your support! Xxx

    I also wanted to say sorry for being a bit slow with responding to all of your wonderful comments. I was up until 5am the night before World Environment Day making the prizes! Eek! So when I got home that night I managed to fall asleep sitting at the chair in front of my computer when I really just wanted to respond to all of you and thank you immediately for all of your kindness!

    Mark! Good work with saving paper and printing! I hope your eyes were okay! It can be tough reading on the computer but it was worth it for our environment~! ALSO – I am so excited a boy is reading this blog! Yay!

    Hello sweet-as-pie Angela! Nawww thank you! Good work with the lights! It’s the little things like that that really count. Thank you so much for your sweet message and for spreading the word on your gorgeous blog! I really am so thrilled and can’t thank you enough! Xxx I hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the sun we have today! I hear that its also lovely and sunny in Melbourne too! Xxx

    Mellow – Thank you! I’m so happy you can enjoy Hello Sandwich! I hope you will continue to pop back over here in the future! Yay! Have a gorgeous weekend.

    From a sows ear – You, young lady were responsible for solving the technical difficulties at our eco presentation and I can not thank you enough! In doing so, you have not only SAVED THE DAY but you have SAVED THE ENVIRONMENT too! Arigatou Gozaimasu! Xxx
    p.s. I loved the spelling mistake. I think I should change my name to Helloe Sandwich! Catchy no?

    Lox+Savvy! Very very nice work indeed! I was so impressed to read about all of the wonderful things you have been doing within your workplace! And I couldn’t help thing what delightful off-cuts those little kindy kids get! I hope one day when they turn into artists inspired by all of the delightful patterns and colours seen in the off-cuts they will realise just how lucky they were! I think I might have to stalk out the childcare centre and steal some for my own art making and craft days! Hahaha! Either that or stalk out your recycle bin – sneaking over with my pink striped balaclava! Ah ha ha! I am so thrilled to hear too that you have joined in the 1 Million Women! Nice one! If everyone does a little bit and makes 1 degree of difference then together we can all make a big difference! Thank you also for writing your beautiful environment post today! Soooo sweet of you!

    Kate! Oh you are cute! Thank you for your note! Oh thanks so much it would be nice indeed to win a new car! Oh, that’s so cute you said the furoshiki made your ‘heart sigh’ – soooo cute! Your green tips are very impressive. I especially love that you are being green and crafty! And I thought that it was actually better for the environment to use a dishwasher as you tend to use more water by hang washing then rinsing dishes! So no guilt please lovely! Hehe. I think that’s the other thing – you don’t have to feel guilty – it’s just nice to be kind to the environment and not beat yourself up if you slip up. Thanks so much for all of your efforts to help save our environment! We are all in this together and have to remember that every little bit counts otherwise we would feel overwhelmed and useless! I hope you have a gorgeous weekend and enjoy today’s sun! xxx

  31. Emma Japan! Hello love! Yay the hand made furoshiki makes a trip out on world environment day! I am so thrilled! And nice work indeed with the naked lunch, walking and fair trade tea! You are also a good eco ambassador with your technique of living with a minimum amount of possessions and trading old for new in an eco way. Thanks so much for being involved lovely! Hope you have a wonderful inspiring and sunny weekend.

    Make it Easy-san! You. Are. More. Amazing! Xxx And you are way too cute too! Thanks so much for your cheery comment! It always brightens my day to hear from you! Xxx Nice work indeed with the plug’s out technique. Lots of electrical goods actually use more power per year being on standby than they use doing what they are meant to do! Especially the microwave! So, it’s a very important thing to do! Thanks so much for being involved! Hope you have a wonderful weekend lovely one. Xxx

    Hiki-san!!! Hello! Thanks so much for your sweet comment!!!!
    Wow you really do a lot to be eco-friendly! I am very impressed! You grow your own vegetables! I would love to see your beautiful garden one day – have you posted pictures on your delightful blog? Ow and so cute ‘fukuro irimasen!’…I should learn that next time I come to Tokyo! They seem to give you a bag for everything – even if it is just one little onigiri-san! AND you get to ride a mama-chari! IINA!! Ow and you use handmade soap! Sigh! You are very impressive! Thank you so much for commenting and being involved! Arigatou gozaimasu!!! Xxx

    Handmade romance! Your comment was just the sweetest little note ever! You sent a big fat smile right across my face! So divine! Naw I still think you are lovely to say that I am ‘adorable’ nawww shucks! Thank you petal! Xxx I also loved reading your eco efforts and your plans to step up the eco mug challenge in the future. It is so beautiful that you wear a homemade scarf – not only is it so special to be wearing something made with love - (love forever was my motto for world environment day – if you love, then you care, and if you care you will love and care for the environment) but it reminds us that there is something beautiful and slow and meaningful about having something handmade and special that you will love more and use more. Rather than a cheap and cheerful factory scarf that wasted lots of resources in the process. Also good to see you had a naked lunch and a great attitude towards reusing and recycling paper! Thanks so much for being involved sweetest thing! I hope you have a super special and sunny weekend! AND I LOVED your long comment! The comments are what keep you going when you are a blogger (as I am sure you know!) so it meant the world to me! Xxx

    Windy Days! Hello!
    I think you are doing a lot for our environment! And the most important thing is you are aware of making changes too! So a wonderful job and thank you so much for being involved! Thank you also for your sweet note about my photo’s!

    Ii-ne-kore! Thank you so much for your lovely post on your blog yesterday! I really appreciate it! Xxx And look at the amazing things you have been doing yourself for the environment! A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! You are an inspiration too! I love that you ride to work everyday with you furoshiki wrapped naked bento lunch.And what a delightful community you are creating with your snippings in your garden! You will have the whole community talking and joining in! Thank you for your wonderful efforts and your super kind support! Hope you have a slow and relaxing weekend!

  32. Lisa! Thank you so much for your comment and for your lovely post on your own gorgeous blog! I was very impressed with your eco efforts too especially signing up for the 1 million women reducing carbon! Thank you so much for your efforts and helping to spread the word and get more lovely eco-warriors involved! Enjoy this delightful sun today and have a special weekend! Xxx

    Lois! That was so lovely of you to say. I’m so happy you are involved with the eco-efforts too. Just wonderful! Thanks so much for your well wishes about the car. Wouldn’t that be just amazing! I also like your blog! I hope your friend who was at the homeless shelter is okay. A very sad story. Wishing you a gorgeous weekend enjoying the sun. xxx

    Lee Tran! Thank you so much for your comment and for everything you did to help out! From the little organic soba treat in the morning, to the IT panic attack support networs, to the lovely comments and environment you created in our special eco presentation today! I’m so happy you liked the eco gifts. If everyone uses them in the right way we are well on our way to helping save the earth! Great that you are using Green Electricity! I want to swap over too! Great tip! And next time I am in Tokyo (on my carbon offsetted flight) I am going to buy you a pretty hand towel so you can use it to dry your hands. Xxx Have a wonderful weekend and thank you so much for making News Magazines such a delightful place to work by filling it with you super sweet energy. Xxx

    Hi Gina! I loved your upcycling post! Good on you! You are one step ahead for World Environment Day! I too believe that it’s the small things that help to contribute too! I was so thrilled to read your eco actions for World Environment Day! Great to read about everything that you have been doing for our environment and commend you also for your great eco recycling craft posts on your blog too! Wouldn’t a Christiania bike be so delightful! Xxx

    Hi Jacqui! Thank you for your lovely comment! It’s great to hear about all of the eco friendly actions you are already doing! Wow you have your own chooks too! And what a wonderful idea to use vintage fabric to hand make something for friends! I really love that idea and am sure your friends will too! I hope you will share with us on your lovely blog just what you make! I hope you have a lovely warm and relazing weekend! Xxx

    Hi Ninee!!! Thank you for your comment and for sending your love from Lithuania! It’s great too that you will sign up for 1 Million Women! Thank you thank you thank you! Am sure you live very eco friendly too! As I recall from my last visit to Lithuania! Lots of love. Xxx

    Hi Katiecrackernuts. Thank you for your comment. It is wonderful indeed that so many people are involved in helping save the environment!

    Hello FeltDivine! Thanks so much for your comment! Oh I am sure you didn’t need a ‘kick in the bum’, it’s not about making people feel guilty, just showing new ways to be more eco friendly. I am so happy you are inspired in any case! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    Hello Emma! Thank you for being involved and good work with your eco actions! It is very impressive! You have the right idea there with borrowing books from the library! I think libraries are just the best thing ever don’t you! Thanks so much for commenting and for stopping by Hello Sandwich!

    Hi Jenny, Wonderful news about all of your amazing eco actions! Thank you thank you thank you! I really want a worm farm too! My friend Emma Japan has one and they are fascinating! It’s so lovely that you have your kids involved too! They will grow up loving the environment too! Thank you for commenting on Hello Sandwich!

    Hello One Yellow Jumpsuit! How are you? It’s great to see also that you have been a vegetarian for 20 years! You must have the most amazing skin ever! And you are a Brown Owl too!! Yay! I hope we will get to meet one day at a meeting! Thanks also for helping to spread the word on your lovely blog complete with little smiley cloud picture! So cute!!!!!!

  33. It's really nice to see someone talk about caring for the environment without getting political or boring. You make it look fun! Great Job!

  34. Well done Ebony! Sending Prius vibes your way. Now I am back at work I must pop down and say hello.

  35. i am impressed at how much effort News has gone to with the One Degree initiative, for a big company they actually seem to be following through and making real changes.

    i love my worm farm that means we never put anything organic in the garbage. Even in our inner city terrace it works really well.
    The other eco thing that we do as second nature is have a bucket in the shower for the 'warm up' water that we then empty onto the pots of herbs etc. Such clean water that goes to waste otherwise

  36. Well done on your site - it's great to see the work that you're doing!!

    Best regards,

    Jon Dee :O)

  37. Hi Sarah! Thank you lovely! I hope that this post inspires people to make a difference in whatever way they can! yay!

    Hello Far Out Brussel Sprout! Oh yes you must pop down to Level One and say hi!!!!!

    Hi Veri Maz! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a delightful comment! Yes News are doing an amazing job aren't they! I was happy to hear about all of the amazing changes they have already made! Wow I am so impressed that you have a worm farm! And so wonderful you use water from your shower on your plants!

    Hi Jon Dee! Wow Thanks so much for visiting and for leaving your comment! I would love to be involved in your amazing projects they look fantastic! Please let me know if I can help at all!

    Love Love
    Hello Sandwich